Do you know Propecia?

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Do you know Propecia?



Do you know Propecia?


Propecia (Propecia / Finasteride) has been studied and diverted as a hair growth agent because many people complain of symptoms of darkening of hair as a side effect to prostatic hypertrophy drug Proscar.
I think that it is a coincidence product, I think that Viagra was also found like this.
DHT (dihydrotestosterone) of the male hormone inhibits cell division of the hair root and causes AGA, but finestide which is the active ingredient of Propecia can directly suppress this DHT.


It mean that there is a function to delay hair loss ....


AGA (male pattern baldness) is progressive, so it is necessary not only to increase hair but also to slow down the progress of hair loss.
However, the therapeutic effect is a criterion as to whether hair loss has decreased or not, it is usually necessary to take 6 months to judge.
In domestic clinical trials, 48% of the patients in six months, 68% in two years, 78% in three years, those who increase their hair over time


It is confirmed that it increased, however, it is indication only for male pattern baldness in
men. There is no indication for other alopecia.
Propecia is the first oral (drinking) hair medicine approved by FDA.


There is also a proscar.


Although Propecia and Proscar are totally identical in ingredients, Propecia 's concentration is kept as low as 1 mg, while the Proscar' s active finasteride concentration is 5 mg.
According to some information, if you compare with ingredient concentrations, the price of Proskar is overwhelmingly cheaper and more insurance is heard, so get proscars and divide them by one fifth to take as propecia,I heard.
But it seems illegal in the United States.


However, finasteride does not know in detail, but as a result of reducing the activity of the whole androgenic hormone, there are side effects such as decrease in libido and decrease in semen volume.
By the way, Propecia ・ Rogaine has a generic version because certain years have passed since it was released. Once you try it?


However, since it is a pharmaceutical product, I strongly recommend you to use it with the prescription of a doctor!!.