Find the cause of depilation

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Find the cause of depilation



Find the cause of depilation

1) To do hair growth, it is advantageous to know how hair grows and how it goes out first.By doing so, you will now understand "when abnormalities are occurring in your hair."In the case ofSince the talk of this hand will be boring, I would like to talk about it easily as easily as possible.


Let's begin by identifying "one cause of hair loss"!


* The lifespan of our hair changes once every 4 to 5 years in a normal cycle.
This is called "hair cycle". It is a story that can also be said as "lifetime of hair".
So, what kind of life does our precious hair ?

1. growing season
"Baby hair" born from a hair cell gets nutritious from the blood and grows gradually.
The growth period from here is human energetic until the age of 20 after being born. And this growth period is also divided into three.


A) "Early growing hair" like babies:
Baby hair is out from the scalp.
This is the time of "Fostale"


B) From primary and secondary school to adults, "medium-term growth period hair" of growing


Hair grows gradually and becomes strong.
When you touch it, there is a mildness and it is a state that can not be said to be "Fostale".
The hair root also grows and continues to feed enough nutrition.


I know that the hair of those who survived from depilation by medication at my salon.
I gradually watch changing to "hard hair".
I think that it will change with this kind of feeling. In other words ...
In case of depilation based on medication, hair grows immediately after treatment is completed but it becomes the state of b) after going through the state of a), so you can see how it seems.
And finally it will return to the original hair. (However, it does not become harder than before, it only becomes the original thickness, hardness.)

2) The most fulfilling condition like adults hair(late growth period hair)
Hair growing continues to have the highest thickness and hardness and full of hair root.
If you touch your head hair, there are times when you feel heavy or thin even with the same one. I think that it can be thought that it is exactly at this time when feeling heavy.
Three "growth periods" are individual differences among individuals, but it is roughly 2 to 7 years.


3) Transition period (slowing period) in which growth slowly declines as middle age elderly At this time, the cell division of "hair matrix" which is the mother of hair creation gradually decreases and eventually stops.
At this time, the follicles are small and deflated. Therefore, it seems that there is a little clearance at the bottom of the pores.
Although this time depends on the literature, it is said that it is roughly a few weeks.
It is the beginning of epilogue of depilation

4)Good bye hair! Hair loss is coming
I said "correct hair loss", that is, I would like to say "normal hair removal".
In the case of
In other words, let's say, "People who are hair loss this time are happy ~".
Why? That is because "It is very troubling if you lost hair except this period." Details will be announced later.
The root of "resting period" completely stops growing, the hair root gradually moves from the bottom of the pores to the surface of the skin, and it means that it is goodbye about 2 to 3 months.


* Did you understand "life of your hair?
Is the whole hair the same cycle? The answer is "No"
If everything is in the same state everyone will surely become "skin head" in two to seven years.

Otherwise, 85% of the total is in "growing period", the remaining 15% is in "transition period", "pause period" or missing and "pores only".
Moreover, since each hair is moving with time lag, there is no reason to be in one state at the same time. That's why there are hundreds of thousands of hair. Simple calculation means that 100,000 × 0, 15 = 15 thousand (hair) hair are in a state not to be missed any moment. By knowing the three cycles in this way, I think that if you feel that the amount of hair loss has decreased, you will reduce the elements that disturb you.
In other words, if it is normal it means that you do not have to worry about hair loss to some extent in a day.


Although it is the number, it is said that it is within the range of normal up to about 100 roughly. Actually even if I am shampooing the customer's hair, there are usually dozens of depilations. There is hair loss of this degree itself. But in hair loss, there is one important thing. That is when the newborn hair grows to adults (early to mid-growth period).
In other words, it's time for your hair to become hard hair. Here is one important point.
Actually, "abnormal hair deprivation" generally refers to depilation that occurs in this (early growth period - middle growth period). This is "the cause of baldness"!
But this way of saying is not good.
"It is still early!" "You can not gone away now, is not it !?" This depilatory condition is called "pathological hair loss".


On the contrary, we have referred to "natural hair depilation" as "properly farewell hair removal" .
So, "Why are you going away of this period? I ask to my hair", As I said earlier, it seems that the cause of this abnormal depilation, it is not easy to stop.