Detailed mechanism of male pattern baldness

Detailed mechanism of male pattern baldness

Detailed mechanism of "male pattern baldness"



Detailed mechanism of "male pattern baldness"



male pattern alopecia = AGA"


A brief explanation of the mechanism is ...
The enzyme "5a-reductase II type" acts on the androgenic hormone and changes it to what is different from the original work, resulting in the generation of "hair killer" called "dihydrotestosterone", which "makes the hair prematurely dead" Cause it is.
And, to suppress it and to make hair growth is to focus on treatment.
Its therapeutic drug has also been developed, and now "treatment at hospital" is also possible. Because "medicine prescription" was approved. However, it is not possible to prescribe such a medicine but only by a doctor.
Let's talk about the enzyme "5a-reductase II type" and "hair killer" "dihydrotestosterone" ....



(9) Three villains of "male pattern baldness"


* Usually, "male pattern baldness" starts with "male" of "after puberty". There are three main factor for this.
Male hormone: A kind of a male hormone called "testosterone" works to grow "hair and beard", but what kills "hair" and "front hair" came to the hair "hair As soon as I met "5a-reductase II type" which is many in "papilla", I turned to "hair hair killer" called "dihydrotestosterone = DHT", and this time send a signal to "hair papilla" "do not extend my hair" Growth period "is shortened.
"Oh ..." That means "to kill your hair still young"! So, this DHT is the most villain!
However, because there is no "receptor" to receive this "hair killer" DHT in "hair papilla" of "back head" and "temporal part" to be bald, "Hair killer Ignoring the signal of the result, as a result, the men's hair at the side and behind remain.


But this alone is in trouble ... There is no hair on the top of the head.
First of all, "male hormone" is the first point.
Inheritance: I think that there are many people who think that "This is rather hard". I think that you are worried about feelings like "everyone's frightening" looking at the head of "father" or "brother". By the way my father was quite ready to be alopecia near my age.


I have not changed much since I was young so far. Of course I tried "Hair Care".
In conclusion, "thin hair" does not inherit. "Constitution that tends to thin hair" is inherited. "It is the same then",You may say. but that is not the case.
If "thin hair is inherited", there is no hope of doing anything. It is the same as a face. Otherwise, "the constitution prone to thin hair" is inherited, so to the contrary, it means that "even if you are inherited, you may not be bald". The constitution can be controlled to some extent.


Actually, even if all three conditions are met, there are people who do not have "thin hair".
On the other hand, there are also those who become "thin hair" even if there is none.
Actually, here is the key point.
"Hair loss" is the first time that it happens only when a switch such as aging and stress enters the "constitution" which was from the former.


However, there are other causes, and if you continue to live with ignoring it, even if you do not inherit 'constitution' it will be 'thin hair'. In other words, it is "what happens when some incentives overlap".
However, since the "heredity of thin hair" is severe and the mechanism is also clarified, it is certain that it is "one that is prone to thin hair".
Aging: It can be said that "depilation" which appears by repeated age is a physiological phenomenon.
The person who has many hair people at the age of 70 is asked to the other person "Is it the wigs?" "Is it dyeing?" It is already troublesome and always answer to him "Yes, I use my wig" It's a funny story.


It is said that "the natural " is thinning the hair, but it seems that sometimes you feel unnatural if there are too many.
Unusual hair loss after puberty is considered "male pattern baldness".
Thin hair of 20s and 30s will not be give up, but something like "give up" comes out from over forty. However, recent treatments have made it possible to improve this. It is important to tackle hair growth without giving up.


* There are mainly three big triggers (incentives) in this way, the switch turns on
"Hair removal" begins. However, it can be treated even after switching on. Then, I will tell you about treatment.


A) Detail mechanism of "male pattern baldness"


* As I said at the "Male hormone" earlier, there are many in "hair papilla" in the root of hair whose "male hormone" as "testosterone = TS" exists in the "crown" and "forehead" As soon as I met "5a - reductase U type", I think that changed your hair to "hair killer" called "dihydrotestosterone = DHT" and make your hair "dying".
This "bad DHT" is a more powerful hormone than "good TS", so when it is generated, it strongly works on the scalp.?
There are also individual differences in their amounts, and it is understood that each "hypersensitivity" to this hormone is also different for each person in the same way.


In other words, there is a person who starts hair removal just because there is a little "bad DHT" or someone who starts hair removal from a certain amount.
Normally, "5 years", "growing season" ends with only "1 year" and it die. In other words, it is "premature death".
From weak "hair root", new hair grows in "after 3 months", but it will also removed only "one year".
As I repeat it, "hair root" shrinks and shrinks a little, it is thin and short, the color is thin, the weak hair grows increasing, and finally it looks like "huge" and finally hair will not grow.


All of these are caused by "hair killer" DHT = dihydrotestosterone.
That means that if there is not this, "hair loss" will not occur, so not to increase the number of "hair killer" .

Currently in Japan, a medicine that blocks "5a - reductase U type" which is often found in "hair papilla" in the hair root which works to increase this DHT is approved.
"5a - reductase U type" is found only in "hair dermal papilla cell", "hair matrix cell" and "prostate" of "forehead" "head top"



B) The treatment and actual condition of "male pattern baldness"


* From here, I will mention one actual treatment method or one improvement method. Let's see what treatments they have.


@ Medical clinic (dermatology)


* If there is no enzyme "5a - reductase U type", "hair killer" DHT will not increase. Therefore we need to stop this.
"Medical clinic (dermatology)" will block this with medicine .... Specifically, it is the procedure as follows.

A) First step in the treatment of "male pattern baldness"


* The drug that blocks the enzyme "5a - reductase type II" is a drug called "finasteride".
"Finasteride" is a drinking medicine, but because it is a medical drug, a doctor's prescription is necessary. Currently you can get medical treatment at a dermatologist's clinic.
There seems to be other natural ingredients that control their function, but in any case, as I said at the beginning, its purpose is the same.
When "5a - reductase U type" is blocked by "Finasteride", "hair killer" DHT does not increase, so hair grows wonderfully.



* It is a place I want to say "How much hair will increase" by this treatment, but strictly it seems to be better to consider it as "how much hair loss stops".
Because this treatment is "a defense" means "stop hair loss first".
In other words, "male pattern alopecia" is progressive hair loss, so if you leave it as it is, it will progress more and more. First of all, it is necessary to stop it.
(However, "Finasteride" has adverse side effects about 1 in 1000 people, but most people seem to be worry by explanation of adverse effects.Of course It is done under doctor's management


B) Second step of treatment of "male pattern baldness"


* If you can suppress "progression of depilation" to some extent, the next stage will be the stage of "growing hair" at last. (In practice, however, the technique of successfully combining both at the same time is taken.
The medicine that increases its hair is a medicine called "minoxidil". Have you heard this medicine, do not you?
Do you know "RiUPU" if you do not understand? Even on TV it is sometimes advertised.It is in Japan.


The active ingredient in it is "minoxidil". Originally it was an oral drug that lowers blood pressure, but it did not work much.
However, because hair growth effect was recognized by the patient using it, it was sold as a topical hair growth agent from "Pharmacia ・ Upjohn company" in the United States.
"Riuup" released in Japan is 1% in "minoxidil", but in the United States it was sold under the name "Rogaine", which is 5% "minoxidil"
It is a powerful type that contains. (Currently available in japan.)
Also, you must be careful The people with "cardiovascular system" such as "angina pectoris" "hypertension" need consultation by doctors when using.


There are a few "side effects". If you are a healthy person, there is no problem, but still you should take the guidance of a doctor.
Also, in sales such as the net etc. and mail order, you must be careful about "similar items" and "imitation".
Even at my shop, there was a person who used "RiUP", but the result was the feeling to sticky grew on the scalp. After all, I stopped using it.
However, that person did not use "natural shampoo" which I advocate.

Of course, treatment of "Finasteride" was not received because it was not going to thin hair "medical clinic", so it was not received. The clinic is a doctor such as a dermatologist who makes "thinning treatment".
Still, the effect that "Ubu hair" grew was acknowledged. In fact, however, two approaches, "stopping hair loss" and "growing", are offering high therapeutic effects.
If you treat it properly like this, you can expect results, but until some effect appears it needs a certain period of time.

I will tell the customer that "hair grows about 1 cm in the moon." Actually, even if there are individual differences to some extent there is "about 1 cm".
Therefore, a period is necessary until you can feel the result. Let's first think in terms of six months. Don'f be impatient.


C) The third step in the treatment of "male pattern baldness"


* And this is very important, but it is "blood" that makes "hair". For that reason "blood circulation of the scalp" is important. But 'blood circulation' is not only scalp but also 'whole body' problem. First of all there is enough "blood circulation" and there is "circulation of the scalp".
I would like to mention items to be noted for that. I think that this is an advice as "life guidance" even for general "hair growth esthetics" etc.


(1) Sufficient Sleep: Hair grows around 10 o'clock in the evening and 2 o'clock in the morning. For this reason, if sleeping time is small, "scalp poor blood circulation" → "hair growth failure" becomes, no matter how much good treatment or shampooing it does not have any effect. A minimum of 6 to 8 hours sleep is essential. It is said that sleep deprivation is directly contributing to "thinning hair." It goes without saying that 'sleep' is necessary. "Hair is made at night" ....


(2) Sufficient nutrition: It is a raw material to make hair, so you have to be careful. Of course, this is the principle of "uniformly many foods", such as "more than 30 types" commonly heard, but here we will talk about "hair" point.


* Protein ... Hair is made of hard "protein" called keratin. So let 's take quality "protein". Specifically, although it is "meat" "fish and shellfish" "soybean" "dairy products" etc., we take "animal meat etc" and "vegetable (beans)" in a balanced manner. Since keratin is "protein" made from many kinds of amino acids, it is necessary to take various things.

* Vitamin ・ mineral ... It is necessary for "growth of hair". Of course, it is indispensable to the health of the body. "Green yellow vegetables" "fruit" and especially for "hair marine algae" actively take. Specifically, "vitamin B, C, E, H" and "zinc" "magnesium" and so on.


* Supplement ... It is said that modern foods (especially plants) have few important nutrients.
Also, I am busy and I can not take it well balanced well. For that, supplementing with "supplement" becomes necessary. Of course, it is best to take it from food, but those who can not do this method is recommended.
Supplements may also be prescribed from "clinic" and others. The type to take is the same vitamins and minerals as above.


* Problems of Additives ... I talked about in the "Shampoo Additives" section earlier, but I think that it became understandable how "Additives" is harming our health. Many recent foods also contain many additives and are accumulated in the body, as shampoo with "synthetic surfactant" is a lump of additives.


By the way do you know that hair is putting "hazardous substances" accumulated in the body outside the body? "Heavy metals etc" which could not be completed with "urine" or "feces" are also discharged from the hair. In other words, like "urine" and "stool", "hair" is the discharge destination of "harmful substance".
In other words ...
"To loss of hair" is to throw away "harmful substances".


A little surprised? Then I think that this will make you understand what I want to say.?
In other words ... if you take a lot of "harmful substances" you can say that your hair gets easier to loss??
Although it may be extremely popular, it is also unexpected that there is an information material listing "additives" as a cause of "thinning hair." Either way, there is no doubt that it is bad for the body


Recently the term "Detox" is on the line, but it is getting more attention as important to put out the "harmful substances" in the body like this.?
* As mentioned above, treatment of "male pattern alopecia = AGA" is carried out by stopping the progress of depilation, to make hair hair grow, and at the same time to feed the power necessary for hair growth from the whole body.
What you take the first action is what you decide, but the way to use "medical institution's hair clinic" from the beginning is one option as this.
Also, first of all, when you go to "a medical institution's thin hair clinic" with this information. I think that the anxiety disappears. And you can judge correct.