Is your hair healthy or sick?

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Is your hair healthy or sick?



Is your hair healthy or sick?


* First of all, how many people are suffering from "thin hair" or "hair loss"?
Do you know?


This is surprising, but 90% of people in their 20s to 40s are worried.
Especially in twenties, it is slightly less than 40%, and in thirties it is less than 40%.


In other words, "young people are mostly". So what about after 50's?
That's just "They gave up already and few people go to the treatment."


In other words, since this data is the number of "visiting " people, people of that generation may be troubled, but because they do not go to "hair growth esthetics" or "hair loss (medical treatment like this) treatment" I think that it just does not appear on statistics.
As for the ratio of men and women, men are still more than 80%
Recently women are increasing.



Moreover, it is the situation that 30% is suffering in adult males as a whole!
So, please do not bother it .
Because many people are suffering from it,
That you are not "special". Because it is about thirty % people!



With that in mind, let's explore the state of your hair now.