Know keywords of "pathological hair loss"

Know keywords of "pathological hair loss"

Know keywords of "pathological hair loss"



Know keywords of "pathological hair loss"


The cause of "pathological hair loss" is troublesome


1. What constitutes one cause
2. Made of multiple causes
3. Still the cause has not been elucidated yet.
It is complicated.


Therefore, here, as a supplement to the explanation by the type division earlier, I would like to explain about each symptom and cause.
Although there may be a part overlapping with the previous chapter, since it is important, I will explain it in detail, four types of "pathological depilation" separately.


1. Male mold alopecia: This is a problem related to male hormones.


I am also a man, but of course there are many "male hormones". (By the way, do you know that also women have a few "male hormones"? If not, some eyebrows and body hair do not grow)
Male hormones command to grow to the underhair and body hair, and command to head hair "do not grow" .
This kind of "male hormone" occurs in a pattern that combines with "enzyme" on the cell membrane of hair matrix cells to create a substance which makes it difficult to make protein "hair protein".
In a recent study, "hairy papilla", which is the head of its hair matrix cells, is to depilate when it ceases to work.
In one place, the "male hormone" receptor of that "dermal papilla" will send "hair removal" instructions. It is a part such as the head top and the forehead. So there are places to keep and places to grow.
As an aside, I know the one who does not have "male hormones" after surgery on the brain, but that person says he lost his underhair and hem hair. All of it has gone.
Since that part is originally difficult to be affected by "male hormone", even if it balds, only that part remains, but the fact that he lost his underhair and hem hair.I can only think about it. "male hormone" has been made underhair.
In any case, hair loss of this type is thought to occur by adding the degree of influence of "male hormones", the secretion of hormones, the activity of enzymes, etc. to the genetic elements.
That's why there are products that use "Nokogiriyasi" (which is said to be effective for male prostate enlargement) which is effective in "male hormone" as a shampoo and hair tonic.
Now "RiUP" also suppresses hormones.


In any case, the first symptom progresses with the feeling that "hair gets softened" or "thin hair when looking at missing hair", it gradually becomes thinner from the forehead and head top.
Let's check the detailed mechanism of 'male pattern baldness' once more.


2. Alopecia carinae:
A part of the hair is depilated in the form of a circle or ellipse, and it is in various places when it is terrible, and it has a hard to hide. Eventually short hair grows and grows back to before, but it can be time consuming and troublesome.?
Although the "autoimmune theory" is influential in recent years, there is also a "stress theory" etc., the definite cause is unknown.?
As I mentioned earlier, I think that "stress" is related.
Some people hit the affected area with a "slightly painful injection" when going to a hospital, but I have not heard a story saying that they recovered immediately.
In many cases it will cure naturally, but if it spans many places, you'd better go earlier to the dermatology department.


3. Seborrheic Alopecia:
Skin sebum (like oil) increases greatly and inflammation occurs.
It is caused by hindrance of hair growth for some reason. Attention is necessary because it is likely to occur in the next "male pattern baldness" set.
There is an person amount of sebum (oil) on their scalp, in some places and adhering in some places, there are people whose scalp do not fall off with a shampoo of 1 or 2 degrees.
Just because the person are not able to wash my head merely because of my illness will be in such a state, but it will be beautiful if I clean it thoroughly. It is a caution when you keep sustaining oil without dropping it many times.


4. Hikousei (hair loss) Alopecia:
I have seen this as well. It is in a state where pores are buried because the one that dried and became whitish (dandruff) sticks to the scalp one side.
I think that this is quite persistent and difficult to recover. Naturally it is not good for growing hair because pores are obstructed.
As hardened dandruff does not fall easily, it is in a state where it can not be kept clean. Because inflammation also occurs, it is better for this to go to the doctor.
There are also hair loss due to other injuries, illness, medication etc.
In any case, when "hair root" runs out, that part will not grow yet. If the pores are closed in the end, it will become bald.


* In this way, the state and cause of depilation are different for each person, but as a coping method there is a method necessary for all types, and I think that it will be going to overlap each unique coping method on it I will.
With this, "kind of pathological hair loss" Was it judged with this?
Let's review again with keywords to watch out again.


* Watch out for this!


Keywords for depilation
1) softening of hair
2) Depilation of short hair
3) Hair loss increases
4) Increase the sebum of the scalp
5) More dandruff
6) scalp itch