Identify the type of depilation



Identify the type of depilation


There are two types of depilation roughly divided into two types.



In other words, it is "progressive depilation" and "temporary depilation".
The important thing here is "Which state of your hair belongs to?"
about it.


It is necessary to recognize it clearly.
If you do not do it then the solution will change.


Let's first check from the former as "erasing method".



A) Temporary depilation


□ Hair loss due to stress: Very strong stress
(The workplace has changed, it happens because the place of life has changed, etc.)
It temporarily removes hair.


This is to look around yourself,
I can tell by considering whether there was such a change,
Improving stress and living conditions stops naturally hair loss.


This is different from so-called "male pattern baldness"
It does not happen continuously, for example to the surrounding environment
It should be better in as soon as you get used to it.


If it seems that lost hair will continue
You have to think about other types.


It happens that other causes happen to have just overlapped during that period.
Also how to get out "When the environment changes, the number of hair loss suddenly increased"
I think that it is easy to understand because it is a cause of hair loss.

Let's go next if you do not feel it.



□ Hair loss due to impaired blood flow: obstruction of blood flow .
It happens when "blood" which is a material for making hair is not sufficiently distributed.
What is it like?
The easiest to understand is "extreme diet".
That is, "excessively biased nutritional disorder".
It is natural because there are few materials for making hair.
I will talk more about "nutrition" later,
It also includes "lack of sleep " and "smoking".
It is difficult to understand "yourself" which has been continuing all the time for yourself,
Since "Extreme diet" etc. are clear,Don't do it.


Please check it.


However, the obstruction of blood flow to all "depilation"
Please be aware of what is involved.
That is why "hair is made from blood".



□ Hair loss due to scalp problems: This is dermatitis.


There are seborrheic alopecia and frailty alopecia, etc.
Details are written below.


In this case, unlike so-called "general dandruff", when looking at the scalp for a while,
It is such a terrible state that I would say unexpectedly "Wow terrible!"
I feel that oil and dry white lumps are rugged in the scalp.


This is "inflammation" that can not bear with yourself
You need to go to the doctor (dermatologist) immediately.


Of course 'dandruff' comes out when the scalp is in bad condition.
However, it can be improved with the correct shampoo and hair care.


If it is "little oiliness" or "slightly dandruff" ,let's go to the next hair loss.


* Depilation coming from medical diseases: There are also a lot of this.


Some people have visceral disorder (I have seen that one with bad liver is depilating)
High fever disease (such as continued high fever)
Iron deficiency anemia (anemia caused by lack of iron)
Illness of the thyroid gland.


There is also hair depilation due to burning, injury, anticancer drugs,
In the case of sickness, there are many cases where it grows up as it gets better.
Anticancer drugs will grow hair starts as soon as treatment ends.
However, in case of injury or burned up, it may not grow up.


If there is no medically important symptom of concern too much, proceed ahead.


□ Alopecia areata: This is a thing that barbers see often .


Suddenly a "bald" about 10 yen coin will appear.
Without any premonition one day, from hairdresser
With "the customer! Here is ,,"
Often it is discovered.


The cause is "stress theory" and "a kind of autoimmune disease"
Although it is thought, etc., it has not been fully elucidated yet.
However, in my experience I think that there is more in 'stress theory'.
Most people are cured naturally, but it will take some time.
Since treatment methods are being established recently, I think that I should go to the dermatology department.
Attention is necessary especially when it extends to many places. The worst, because it may extend to the whole.
As this is clearly pointed out even from the surrounding people it should be easy to check.


This is included in the category of "temporary depilation" for the time being.
I will explain in detail later.



Well, did not you have anything to worry about here?
Of course there may be more than one cause,
For the time being, it is better to go to the doctor
Is it "scalp inflammation" and "frequent alopecia areata" ...?
If inflammation and depilation become severe, it is troublesome so please go to a doctor as soon as possible.



I think that most people judged it as "no" at this point.
I will check about 'progressing depilation'.


A) Hair loss which is progressing


Probably our battle will be in this category.
People who have troubles about most "thin hair" and "hair loss"
I am suffering from this "progressing depilation".


There are also two types.



□ Hair loss due to aging (age): When we get older, the whole body weakens.


This is a natural thing, depilation starts with decline due to age.
There is also.In other words, it means "I can not win the aging"
In the twenties and thirties, you would not say anything like this.
However, aging of the skin begins when it is over 20 years old.
Most of the cases involve the following male pattern baldness.


□ Male pattern alopecia:


This is the representative of "depilation" that bothers us.


I will explain in detail below,
For most people this is a keyword.
It is "hair loss" peculiar to men,
Recently I have learned that there are also women
Indeed, many people are suffering from it .
So what kind of symptoms does this have?


□ Mainly the hair at the top of the head from the forehead is getting thinner.


Actually this "what part is thin?" is important
I have never heard of a story that the surroundings of my ears are bald.
Rather, it is the "remaining part".
This is due to the difference in susceptibility to hormones
, The degree of influence varies depending on the location.
Details will be explained later.
Recently it is more for young people to consult with this symptom
I think that it is really increasing.


So, it is a characteristic of that symptom, but something like
It has been reported.



□ When you see the missing hair, it is "short and thin"


This is an important judgment material. In a word,
It is a danger signal that "I have gone out of my growth."
It is not "normal hair removal".


It gradually becomes a state like "Ubu hair".
Once it begins it will continue to progress.
As mentioned earlier, "front two hemline" and "top side" will become thinner.
Become thinner, there is no elasticity → Become like fostale→ hair removal,
It goes through the process of decreasing.



□ Parents, grandparents, brothers have a thin hair.
Unfortunately I know that it is inherited.


It is inherited as "thinning position" and "degree".


□ It began to become thinner than adolescence.
Moreover, it is going little by little.
That is, the early people start from that time.
how is it? Has your hair condition fallen into this category?
And among these, "male pattern baldness" is the only
It is our opponent to fight.


Also, "aged" affects "male pattern baldness"
Moreover, such as "leaky alopecia" which will come out later,
In many cases, multiple factors are entangled,
Including those "comprehensive" "hair growth"
we need to do it.


Then about "hair growth"
You can tell others.
Aiming at "doctor of hair growth", to further detailed "hair "
Let's go forward with the story.