How do you think about the end of your hair?

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How do you think about the end of your hair?



How do you think about the end of your hair?


At this stage it is mainstream of treatment to
decrease the enzymes "5a-reductase U type" and "hair hair killer" DHT , so shampoo that is on sale as to be treated with medicine, You will choose which one you want to expec


Looking at the long term, it is necessary to take medicine treatment for more than half a year or about a year to judge whether it is effective or not. Although it costs both economically and mentally, it is much cheaper than a dubious hair esthetic salon, and It will not force you.
However, there are opinions expressing "too much of medicine".


In other words, this medicine prescribed in this dermatologist needs to drink for a long time. If you stop it, it will proceed again. It can be said that it is a drawback..
There are various other hair growth agents, but the main components of it are described below. Also, if new information enters, I will add it.


And another important thing is to figure out how to think of your hair, "hair" of the future, decide how far to make efforts and where to convince.
Actually there are various "Hair restoration information" and "Hair restoration salon", but those who say that he got fixed improved by such as "shampoo", "lifestyle", "nutrition" etc. think.


In other words, there is not a "magical medicine" saying "If you do this or you drink it once in a while", there is a way to raise that person's life force, I think that to say that it is.


From that point of view, I think that the stage that has the most effect is as follows.
1. The hair at the top and forehead is "thinning", and there is no "resilient”.
2. Hair loss is much.
3. I have short hair on the way.


At this stage, "pores" are still open and the hair is alive even though it is thin, so the purpose of treatment here is to say "to make the hair strong and stiff".
It is the same even in a state like a brush hair. The goal is to say "to thicken the hair". In other words, saying "hair grows" is not that hair grows from completely closed pores, but to make hair healthy you have.
Of course, it also includes "to make the cycle of the hair normal", which includes equality "hair removal does not increase more than necessary".


Please remember that it is a variety of treatments for that


I think that you should decide your lifestyle, keeping these in mind.