The short tale about hair.


The short tale about hair.


*Do you know that there is a cycle in your hair? In other words, like a human being, it is the cycle of being born and growing and dying as he grows older.


*To die is, of course, means to loss hair.
In hair, it is called growth period, telogen period, regressive period, pause.


*After this I will have another new hair growing again. (Reincarnation?) Of these, when the regressive period comes earlier, the hair will fall out without growing enough.


*If this cycle goes wrong, it will become so-called "thin hair". By the way, in the case of a man, complete hair removal (never growing up again) will be seen where the hair will come out and the pores will close, but in the case of a woman I think that there are many types of hair only becoming thinner .



*Even so, women's scalp as the space between the hair spreads, the scalp can be seen.


Do you know AGA? .
*With the advertisement of television now, the two people "comedian" are often saying. This is an abbreviation for "Androgenetic Alopesia", which refers to alopecia which begins shortly before men adult. Progress little by little from the top of the forehead and the forehead of the forehead. There is a genetic element, it is the hair loss which is the most problem right now.
*There are medicines, such as "minoxidil and propecia". You need to go to AGA specialized outpatient clinic.


*Hair growth agents seem to have some effect of delaying the progress of hair loss.

*Hair oil is good for our hair?: There are various hair oils and essences, but the why it is necessary.
Sometimes, "Straightening your curly hair keeping" is written on the package. A variety of functions are also appearing on hair oils. But originally "to moisturize the scalp" is the basic concept.
Appropriate fat content is necessary for the scalp. In general, the scalp has many sebaceous glands of the face, and it seems that anyone with greasy side will be greasy with about 3 days.
On the contrary, people with dry skin become disorganized. In this case it is supplemented with hair oil to help hair luster. In the past, "camellia oil" and "olive oil" were main streams.

*However, for anyway, damage hair needs to be supplemented as this oil soak into the tip of the hair. I think that it is good before going to bed.


Good rice for hair:
Japanese food seems to be good. First is amino acid. Hair is made of "protein" .... I like vinegar. What you need afterwards is mineral. Especially vitamin and zinc. Wakame, Mozuku and mekabu are rich in minerals, so they are goo. Protein is fish shop, tofu.


Hair growth as protein intake increased is good.
Observe the missing hair and you will understand the dangers of thinning!
If you look carefully at the hair that you missed with anticancer drugs etc, there is no round part like ordinary hair loss at the base of the hair. This means that hair roots are healthy in the pores even if they are removed with medicine.
It feels like it has run out. Therefore, It stop growing as soon as It stop treatment.
Normal hair loss does not grow until the hair cells are formed at the bottom of the pores because the hair roots also escape at the same time.
It will take about 3 months. Be careful when the root of the missing hair is as follows.


Let's care with hair tonic etc! @ The hair root is thinning. A A lot of sebum is attached to the hair root. B There is a thin portion like a whisker on the root. C The root is ripping. etc….



*Do you think hair dyeing (also perm) also causes hair to decrease? The answer is no. Reason @ Hair is made of hair cells in the pores. A Chemicals act on hair. The impact on the scalp basically has no effect. In other words, it does not perfectly match that the hair hurts = the scalp hurts. However, it is important to be aware that people with idiosyncratic constitution (contact dermatitis and allergies) may get rash. In other words, it is not zero, but healthy people have no effect to care about. I think that it should be considered.


*How much would you like about shampoo temperature? At customers, "more lukewarm" or "more hot" is really various. I think that there is something called "pleasant heat" depending on the person. In general it is said to be at the same temperature as a bath, that is, around 42 to 3 degrees. If it is too hot it will hurt scalp. I think that it is easier for dirt to use as much as human skin tempature. It is the same as washing.



*Hot summer does not end easily. When it is hot we can not let go of a hat, but there was an article on the relationship between hat and depilation on the net. Doctor says hat does not worsen blood circulation. However, I think, but I think that there is a thing called "steaming". Many people are getting messy with sweat and keeping on keeping oil. Although it seems to be seeing things only from one side. In any case, in my case, I sometimes take a hat (especially in the case of the shade) and pass the wind. Then the scalp does not itch. I think there is a problem of temperature.


*Before going to bed, let's take care whether the scalp is wet! Please note that those who sleep immediately after taking a bath. The damp scalp seems to become a hotbed of bacteria while sleeping. Let's dry it close to the surface with a cold dryer. Do not do it in a wrong hot wind. you will get burned.


*Recently John Lennon 's hair was put out for sale at auction, and he added a memo of his own autograph .... Whether it is genuine or not can be ascertained by DNA appraisal now. This seems to be what hair hairdresser got. Is it that celebrities still leave goods even if they die?


*"When washing the scalp, please wash gently so that you rub the skin with an ointment," dermatologist says.


*A good supplement for hair growth. Pepper + soybean capsaicin + isoflavone, but I improve the circulation of the scalp. But this is also good for your body. In the end, health is the most important thing.


*Hair Making Method 1) Tie population hair to your hair. 2) Mix the fine threads that attached the artificial hair to the remaining hair. 3) Shave all the hair and paste the hair on ultra-thin artificial skin. Which one d you like?


*Drugs to prevent hair loss (Available only in dermatology department) When taking Propecia, there are times when the hair starts to falls out bignning. It seems that the cause is not clearly understood. But it's temporary (about a month), so the effect will soon appear, so be relieved ...




*Hair is made of keratin, protein. From the fact that it is good to eat kelp, it is said hair is made of fiber or carbohydrate, this is fault. Let's take the protein firmly. The gloss of the hair will also improve. kelp is nice because it has a lot of minerals.


*I recently learned that the number of good bacteria decreases so good stomach of the stomach is almost 60 years old. The body's immune substances are mostly made in the small intestine. That's why it can be said that the intestinal age equol lifespan! Let 's drink yakult(japanese healte drink) after every meal. If you do not take it everyday, it will be drained in a week!


*It is horror that my hair disapear! But please do not panic and judge how to escape and missing hair.
*Identify the type of depilation


Stress is a scary phenomenon that causes various diseases. Much eating, it goes without saying that it is bad for your hair. One side that also reduces the intestinal beneficial bacteria greatly ...
Is your stress bad for your hair isn't it?



Curly hair is often disliked by the person, but as long as envious from a straight person ... ... There are various advantages, but you do not notice other than ....


Does not hair straighten? Yes you can!


?Have you thought about the relationship between face and hairstyle? Hairdressers will learn in theory and practice, but for the general public not much know ...
How do you fit your hair style and face?


*The term series follows. Gradation that everyone knows today What does this really mean? It may be somewhat similar to word grade.
Gradient cut

*Have you heard the word copper hair color in the beauty shop? Separately I do not care about the color. Many people do not know that hair color. See it because it is written below.
Copper type (color)


*I often say "one rength, but exactly it is "oneren" in japanese. That's because it cut in one place. It mean long hair. It is a caution when you eat ramen.May be wet your hair.
One Length


*The cuticle is a scalp-like covering on the surface of the hair. It protects the hair and keeps natural gloss. There used to be no cuticles in the old wigs. So it does not diffuse reflections, so the wig was shining bright and unnatural. It is very strange.


*The gray hair is in a state where the pigment of the hair disappears. No, I do not like it. When stress is applied, the capillary is contracted and the hair matrix is ??weakened. That is one cause of gray hair. Let's smile for your hair!


*Itchy scalp may be allergic. There are lots of causative substances, so I am surprised. Sweat, dirt, tick, house dust, mold, pollen, animal, bacteria, soap, shampoo, rinse, cosmetics, clothing, stress, food etc ...


*In the netnws I heared. Do permanent and hair dye become thin? That the article saying that a doctor says that no effect on the hair root is okay. It is good imformation.It is natural that it is put out from the scalp and pores are not relevant. However, if the scalp is weak and inflammation occurs, the hair root is affected. If you do not have any problems (if there are no problem symptoms) it is okay.


*Hair dyeing is annoying. Cleopatra used henna, too .... And maybe it was a wig .... It was written about her.


*Itchy scalp may be allergic. There are lots of causative substances, so I am surprised. Sweat, dirt, tick, house dust, mold, pollen, animal, bacteria, soap, shampoo, rinse, cosmetics, clothing, stress, food etc ...
In web news said, do permanent and hair dye become thin? That the article saying that a doctor has no effect on the hair root. It is natural that it is put out from the scalp and pores are not relevant. However, if the scalp is weak and inflammation occurs, the hair root is affected. If you do not have any problems (if there are no problem symptoms) it is okay.


*Hair dyeing is annoying. Cleopatra used henna, too .... And maybe it was a wig .... It was written in all about.
My recommendation is Rishiri Konbu Hair Color ....


*Hair is made of protein. So I decided to take the carbohydrates away so that I can take vegetables and protein securely. The order of eating is vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates. This is a golden diet method.


*When I get older my hair becomes thinner. Peeling off and thinning is different. Even though there is hair, if it gets thinner, it seems to be bald since the scalp is come out, but I think that this is not bald. Hair is growing properly.


*Recently, People does not use much perm. Perm aims are various.
* Increase the volume of hair.
* Conversely suppress the volumeof hair.
* Carry your hair sideways
To lift up your front hair. There are various ...


*I hate gray hair!
There is no choice if it it is old age, but I do not think there are gray hair at 30 or 40.
As it is a ordinary matter, but I will pull it out, but when it comes to mass it will not good.
It is good to dyed, but it is the last resort. If possible, I want to stop progressing even a little.
To that end, it is the improvement of "lifestyle" which is the best way.
First of all, what is the cause?

1) Inheritance ....... This is unavoidable, but it is the same as the amount of hair, it is the constitution to be inherited to be inherited
The gray hair itself does not inherit, it is an element that can be alleviated by lifestyle habits.
2) Aging ....... This is due to weak pigment when age is repeated.
3) Illness ... due to anemia, thyroid disease, gastrointestinal upset and others.
4) Lifestyle ...... Also note the contents of everyday meals! Also, the scalp maintenance is a factor.
5) Stress ....... There seems to be a relationship with the state of hair and mind. From a long time ago, there is a story saying that hair has turned white with fear overnight.
4 and 5 can be cared for yourself. Especially easy to keep eating habit.
Therefore, You will take what increases the number of melanocytes to make my hair black.
1) Sesame ....... Vitamin E is abundant. It will Improve blood circulation.
2) Seaweed ....... Seaweed contains abundant minerals even after all. Perfect for prevention of gray hair!

3) Lever ...... Lever contains copper. It will strengthen the protein.
4) Fish ....... Fishermen seem to have many people whose hair is black. DHA of fish is thought to be affected.
5) Zinc ....... Synthesizes matter which is the element of hair.



*Alopecia areata and male pattern alopecia
It is frustrating alopecia that irritation continues and stress is superimposed, and hair is missing.
Sometimes you have balds.Sometimes you will see it for the whole head.
It attacks growing hair as a foreign object. It is autoimmune disorder.
Treatment uses steroids. Since the hair root is alive, it seems to grow again.
Male pattern alopecia "Male alopecia" Please see the detailed mechanism.
As it develops regardless of gender or age, please be careful!

*Single salaried workers are cautious!
In the latter half of my 20s responsibility comes out and I think that some people will take positions. Then it make the worst environment for your hair! The commuting time becomes longer and sleeping time decreases. And an increase in stress. Besides, eating out increases and nutrition is also a part. Alcohol also increases, and tobacco ....
It is a straight road that becomes thinning hair. Of course it is the case of those who have a high possibility. Why is eating out bad? There are several reasons.

@ Nutrition tends to be biased.
A It has a lot of animal fat. (To get a feeling of fullness)
B induce excessive intake of cholesterol, or more secretion of sebum
Etc. ... So I give you a suggestion here. The meal of Japanese is also alleviates the balance and fat problems. The good keyword is " meal of Japanese style". Let's do our best this year too! H 28/1/25.


*Do thin hair get inherited? Anxious question
This is very important information. The answer is half in half and losing by half. In other words, the constitution is inherited, but that is that it is dominant inheritance.
To put it concretely, it means that there is an influence of mother. That's why it seems to resemble a mother's father, that is, a mother's grandpa.
Although it is not necessarily "thinning hair" even if saying that it took over the constitution, it is that it progresses when various elements are added.
That element is "getting old", "getting stressed", etc. But you can not prevent aging!


*Male hormones and hair
Have you heard that "People with a large number of male hormones tend to thin hair?" How does this really matter?
Basically the hair is under the control of "female hormone". I hear the voice "I am not a man," please, be relieved.
Male hormones, female hormones are present in both sexes. By the way, what affects male hormones?
It is "body hair". "Beard" is also the case.
There is troubled by the male hormone. There is much "sebum". In other words, "pores" are easily clogged.
Then, what comes next will be "increase in hair loss, thinning hair".
Therefore, it is mainly this "clogging of pores" that excesses of male hormones and bias of eating habits are regarded as problems.
So it seems basic to clean your hair first.

*Hair growth effect of aloe
It seems that the ingredient "tannic acid" is effective for aloe. It has been said for a long time that this tannic acid has the effect of activating cells and that it should be attached to the wound when injured.
There is also the ability to promote "cell regeneration", and it seems that there is also an effect that recovery is quick as attaching to a wounded wound.
Therefore, it would be natural for hair growth to be expected to be effective. Especially "American Aloe" is said to have high effect.
Because it contains more "tannic acid" than other types, it seems to have high efficacy.
When we continued to put on the extract for six months, 96% of people had effect.
In addition, some reports that the gray hair became black by use, and the good thing was not only hair growth.
"Tannic acid" has a small molecule and it has a strong penetrating power, so its effect can be expected.



* What hairstyle fits your face type?
In other words, "egg type silhouette" is the best, so it is a story about how to be better your face with a hairstyle. It seems that 80% of people are having trouble with which hair style matches their face type.
Let's think about it by type. First of all it is "ideal line".
* The face line draws a loose curve. It is close to oval shape.
Moreover, it looks like a "small face".
So what other Line you are having trouble with?
* In case of square or base type, bangs and put the volume on the top.
* Round face shows a long face , cut hem hair so that it can see.
* The direction of the inverted triangle's point is the chin . Sideburn will be a little longer and show your neckline. Especially here is important.
* People with a long face should show small. When you show the bangs, your face looks small.
how is it? Did each one's idea match?



* The dangers of thinning hair are approaching to single people.!
This is a problem of "self-management". People in obese people can not get good job in the USA. It seems to be chosen as a person pasted a label saying that it is a person who can not be "self-managed".

If it is Japanese lifestyle, it will be the following life.
1 You drink as much as you like for tobacco, liquor, all you can suck.
2 Meals are convenience store lunch, fast food, cup noodles and instant noodles.
3 I sleep when I like, I get up when I like. (Especially students)
4 I only enter the bath when I feel like it. So I do not shampoo much
This is a bad life for your body as well as your hair. Especially "eating habits" is a problem. It makes hair.
First of all, the monthly "30 nutrition items a day". There is a simple measure for that. In other words ...

1 various meal.
2 Lots of vegetables and less meat.
3 Lunchbox has many nutrition things.
4 Delicacies plus a side dish

Etc etc. Why do not you try it?

* Is it difficult for a person with forehead of M shape to recover when it is bald?
I heard that "people with forehead of the M shape are hard to recover when they become bald"? Is this true?
From the conclusion it seems to be "yes". Actually, hair on hairline of forehead is unfortunately understood as "growing slow".
That's why it seems that it takes time to stretch more than the hair of the same place as it is missing. Oh, terrible.
I am not bald, but the forehead's hairline is M type. I am hiding the forehead a little longer than the front side of the bangs.
However, we becomes thin hair or not because of its wide forehead.
In short, when it comes to thinning, there are many space from both sides of the forehead, which means that it will result in a wider forehead.
Whether it becomes thin or not is different. Actually I was continuing being told from "I was high school", "You absolutely bald"
Because "the forehead was wide". However, when going to the alumni association, it is said that "you kept your hair".
Other classmates bald.Therefore, the width of the forehead and thinning are irrelevant.
However, "There is a thin person with a wide forehead", so do not mistake it. (H 27/10/24)

* Bad things about hair growth, that there are various things that are bad for hair growth. A true story but the lie? That is also various.
Let's make them bullets.

@ Hats and helmets are bad for your hair.
A UV is bad for your hair.
B Pull your hair and your hair will come off.
C It is easy to thin hair if the scalp is hard.
E People with dandruff tend to be thinning hair.
D Women don't absolutely bald.
F In the morning Shampoo is bad for hair.
G People with strong libido will tend to thin their hair.
H The more delicious food. It is prone to thinning hair.
I Extreme diet is a source of thin hair.
J Swimming is damage hair maker.
K Blood type A are easy to thin hair.
So Is it true or lie?
@ Hats and helmets are bad for your hair. → ○
A UV is bad for your hair. △
B Pull your hair and your hair will come off. → ○
C It is easy to thin hair if the scalp is hard. → ○
How is it?
@ This is a problem of "blood circulation". Because there are bad words like "helmet baldness". A particularly tight hat. Take off it sometimes as you can dry through the wind!
A Mass damaging the scalp. Need a ventilated scalp.
B Ponytail is not good. Bundle your hair will be make thin hair!
C evidence of poor circulation. Where it becomes thin, "scalp" is hard. Let's massage so as to move the scalp.
D Women also get thinner hair and can be seen bad scalp.
E About a certain extent. Especially there is a pathological one. It increases as inflammation occurs.
F There is no time, You will not shampoo your hair it is not recommended to have a negative effect on the hair. You should do it well.
G It does not matter. Originally, men and hormones are irrelevant.
H Because it has a relatively large number of fat. You can eat it while thinking about balance.
I Hair may fall out in large amounts.
J After swimming, chlorine is attached to the hair. Please wash and rinse thoroughly.
K Blood type does not matter.Being "nervous" may be easy to accumulate stress.

Please do it for your reference. (H 27/10/13)



* To take measures against thinning hair seems to be the only thing to do a healthy life. It does not match perfectly that saying to live a healthy life and not thinning hair. That is because there is a problem of "heredity".
However, this "heredity" is not inherited by the thinning itself, but it is inherited by "constitution" which is prone to thinning hair, and it seems that it does not become a my father is bald = I will be bald.
So even the same brothers seems to differ depending on their lifestyle and circumstances. For example, how to receive 'stress'. This is a terrible toxicity. It seems necessary to determine what is causing this in the workplace and home, and to take measures to solve it even a little.
However, even considering them seems to be worth seeing "improvement of living for thin hair" apparently. First of all it should be good for your health.
First, the first is work that keeps the hair in good condition.

@ Keep the scalp and pores clean.
It seems that the primary cause of hair loss is "Pore clogging". The ease of clogging of pores may also be associated with genetics such as being greasy. Anyway it is "everyday shampoo" if possible.
There seems to be someone who thinks that hair is going to falls out by shampoo every day, but it is wrong. The hair that can falls out with the power of a shampoo is the hair which falls out naturally. Once a week shampoo hair because of afraid of it
Those who only wash once, clogs the pores and is making a hair loss causing substance for a moment. Let's wash at least once every 2 days.
A to sleep well.
Hair grows at night. In the night our hair cells are making strong hair. Especially the time from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock is related to hair growth.
B Do not accumulate stress.
Stress, do not try to accumulate.It is bad.So how to solve it is important. You must be don't know the fear of stress worse than other things.
Adverse effects of stress
@ Excessive sebum comes out. (Cause to clog pores)
A The blood circulation of the head skin deteriorates. (If I get steam from my head angry, my blood will go bad.)
B The scalp becomes bad with stress. (Nutrition does not reach hair)
C It will be worst if you get tired of your stomach. (The nutritional condition is bad.)
D Adverse effects on male hormones. Result The sebum increases. (It tends to be a oily scalp.)
There are such things etc etc. Let's pay attention to everyone ~ (H 27/10/10)

Five promises of hair growt
What is "five promises of hair growth"? I hope everything should be settled with such a simple word, but It can not goes so.
It is because things have entwined various complicated things. But what about thinking like this?
For the moment this idea is considered to be the most effective.
what is that five? Currently, five medical things considered to be effective.

@ Suppress and delay the progression of male pattern alopecia, ie slow down progress. = Use finasteride.
A Promotes hair growth. In other words, "Work to increase hair" = minoxidil.
B Drink vitamins and minerals in supplements.
C Improvement not to have a bad influence on sleep, meal, stress and other hair.
D coping with mental depression.

The lower three are what is done in the salon somehow, it also adds scalp scrub and massage.
In other words, it is one of the "royal roads" that you can do even yourself.
However, in order to keep motivation it is more effective if you are encouraged by a pretty girl.
If you really get hair growing in the way you are doing at a salon, they must have taken up at the medical society long already.


* Do not you feel comfortable wishing to prevent hair loss? This is the easiest way to prevent hair loss. That is to massage the palm of your hand.
Right, is not it easy? The way to do this is to stimulate and massage the hands. not only the hair, but also the whole body will also be energized.


Doing this will make blood circulation very well. And the flow of lymph is also good. Why don't you do that?. Effective for improvement of hair loss prevention, gray hair, thin hair etc!
The base of the thumb, where the line is next to it. It seems that this is called "depilation point(Datumou no tubo)" because there is "Points of depilation" in the middle of it.
I need a little care in the way. I will irritate the area around the thumb with the thumb of the opposite hand. Please do your best 30 times on right and left. You can do it anywhere! Yes it is!



Do you mind hazard signals of hair loss? It is natural for hair to fall out. It seems that you do not have to worry if you can get out 5,60 books a day.
That's right, but please watch it well. Have you ever seen missing hair, seriously? Is not there any slim hair?
Please look carefully. Especially the root is thinning? It is normal hair loss that the roots of the hair are plumped normally.
The fact that the root is thin is unfortunately a state where the pores are squeezed and nutrition is not enough. Also, that part is called "hair papilla" and is making hair.
This part gets old and scalp falls and lid the pores or the like by mixing head fat (sebum) and sweat. (Called a horn plug)
Also, the state (sebaceous plug) in which fat (sebum) coming out of the head is collected neatly in the pores but not discharged cleanly is a troublesome disturbing things.
Let's check these hair carefully. If you find it, it might be a good time to start hair care.
(H 27/9/29)