Japanese food is good for hair loss and thin hair prevention!

Japanese food is good for hair loss and thin hair prevention!

Japanese food is good for hair loss and thin hair prevention!



* There are many talks about good meals for hair, but then what kind of meal should I eat ... I get lost.
It's a painful thing because the ingredient table and calories of food are also every day.
So how about thinking it more easily?
In other words, if you divide it by category of "Japanese food" "Western food", do not you think it will be easy to continue it?
Which meal is better before that then? It is said that it is "Japanese food." If it says why it is good, it is because there is little fat


@ Fat promotes easy-to-loss hair environment:


If you take too much fat, the "sebaceous gland" spreads, resulting in "pores" becoming larger.
If "pores" are too wide, it is easy to loss hair easily, it becomes unstable because of the base hole which is too wide, and you can not secure a firm root.

A "Western food" has high calorie content and fat is included very much:


To the evidence there are many "thin hair" people in Europe and the United States, but the Japanese has "black hair with gloss".
In Westerners, there are rarely women and men who are "black hair with gloss".
However, due to Westernization of meals recently, "thinning hair" has also increased to Japanese.
Actually I was also dealing with customers' hair, but I think that "thin hair" is increasing especially for young men and women.
It is a generation that eats only fast food such as hamburgers. It is said that they are not bad, "They mustn't can not be biased."


B "Japanese food" vegetables and fish menu is rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers:


It is not good for your hair if you run short. In particular, "zinc deficiency" causes "taste disorder".
And eat steadily more carefuly, get rid of your physical condition and not have a negative effect on your hair so be careful.
Zinc is contained in "shellfish, nuts, black beans" and many others.
As I mentioned earlier, the hair is "the place where the nutrition reaches the very end".
So if "nutrition" is bad , "good hair" can not grow.
That is why it is said that after all it will be a "balanced diet".
If possible, let's take "less meat" and take seafood, vegetables, beans and seaweed.
In other words, it seems to be said that "Ingest a meal centered on Japanese food without taking too much food" in a word.
It's not just saying "Japanese food".
Since it will not continue even if impossible, for example, if you make your own "curing regimen of hair" by saying "eat Japanese food" once in two times "twice in three times" Could it be?





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