Two major points of eliminating hair loss and thin hair

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Two major points of eliminating hair loss and thin hair

* The main action of hair tonic is ...
1. blood circulation promoting action
2. Nutritional Supplementation, Cell Activation Action
3. Anti-inflammation, antibacterial action
4. Effect on hair matrix cells and dermal papilla (quasi-drugs so far)
5. Prevention of depilation progression, promotion of hair growth (medicine)


In other words, most of them improve the scalp environment, but quasi-drugs can not expect much effect.
"Delay progress even a little"
It would be better to think about it.
* The ingredient names are as follows.


1. Blood circulation promoting action: carpronium chloride, nicotinic acid benzyl ester, vitamin E derivative (tocopherol), capsic tincture, Shou kyou extract, Assembly extract
2. Nutritional supplementation, cell activation action: * Pentadecanoic acid glyceride, Sophora extract, carrot extract, nicotinic acid amide, placenta extract, pantothenyl ethyl ether (vitamin B group), dialkyl monoamine derivative (DADA)
3. Antiinflammation, antibacterial action: hinokitiol, β glycyrrhetinic acid
4. Effect on hair matrix cells and dermal papilla; 6-benzyladenine (cytopurine), t-furanovan, adenosine
5. Prevention of depilation progression, hair growth promotion: minoxidil, finasteride, carpronium chloride, cepharanthine


The above 1 to 4 are "quasi-drugs". We can not do radical treatment, but please consider the supplementary function of hair growth to some extent.
* The essence is "Improvement of the scalp environment" to make the first "cycle of hair" normal.
"Tonic" which is often used in hairdresser stores contains "alcohol" and there are some bactericidal effects, but after that there was not much hair-growthing only with perfumes etc included.
Recently, lotion for scalp which considers "scalp circumference environment" comes out, so I think whether that is better there.
There are also people who are male who can not distinguish between "liquid" and "tonic".


"Liquid" is a hairdressing composition containing oil ingredients and remains on the hair. When the tip is dry, when it is bad styling, use this. However, please don't scrape as much as possible on "scalp". It will contribute to deterioration of the scalp environment.
When you want to supplement the scalp oil, natural oil ingredients are good.
The best thing is the old "camellia oil". Of course, it is not necessary to give a greasy person a stick. Those who are sticky soon after shampooing are "greasy".