Scalp massage is good

good news!

Scalp massage is good



Scalp massage is good


* There are "pores" in the scalp, "center in the pores" there are "sebaceous glands".
"Lipid" and "waste" are collected in this sebaceous gland and hair root.
About this pore dirt and sebum, I took up many times, but there are other stories like this ....
Humans release body's toxins from perspiration, urine, feces and the like, but in fact they are also discharged from hair and sebum.


Especially in minerals "harmful mineral" is easily dissolved in oil, so it is also discharged from this "sebum".
Therefore it is important to drain sebum and dirt of pores moderately.
So let's clean the scalp and pores today with "scalp massage".


The advantages of scalp massage are as follows.
1) Make it easier to drain things that accumulate in the pores.
2) The body relaxes and blood flow improves.
3) Waste of the body is discharged with urine.
It is a good thing like this.


By the way, I wrote about draining sebum of pores before.
Let's squeeze the fat in the pores!
This is a feeling that "squeezing" is done by the method which is done by hair growth esthetic salon etc.


This time we will introduce a little more casually how to do "scalp massage" like.
1) Stand your hands at the scalp corners with your fingers. (Nails can not stand up absolutely)
2) Pressure is applied to the scalp just as it is. (If you hold it strongly you will hurt your hair and scalp)
3) Move it right and left toward the top of the head as it is. (Move the scalp itself, not slide on the hair)
4) Next move the scalp back and forth as well.


That is, "Put aside scalp on the forehead, Put aside scalp on the back side" ....


I massaged "front and back" and "left and right" with this. Although the number of times is not decided, let's do it more than ten times in each. It may be good to shift the position of your fingers.


This is a healthy way that does not cost money. Because it has the following effect.
1) It stimulates a "vase" that improves blood circulation.
2) It stimulates a "point" that improves the workings of the kidneys.
3) Helps to "lift up" the face.


It is good for those who want to keep their youth so it will benefit the "slackening of (lift up) your face". This can be done for a short time. Please try it..


After that, please go shampoo in the right way at night