Is it true that hair will come out in childbirth?

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Is it true that hair will come out in childbirth?



Is it true that hair will come out in childbirth?

* It seems that you are afraid of born a child if this is true, please rest assured. That's not true.
So why is this "rumor" flowing?


There is a proper basis for this. That keyword is "female hormone"
"Female hormone" also exists in men, but this hormone has the function of "prolonging the lifespan of growing hair". It is a nice effect for men.
Because when it comes to thinning the life of the hair in this period will be shortened ....
Because You become mothers during pregnancy, "female hormone" increases much more.


In other words, the effect of "extending the lifespan of the growing hair" is strengthened by that effect, and hair avoid from hair falls out.
As a result, there are actually more hairs remains than usual.
However, if you give birth to a babyand the amount of "female hormone" returns to the original, the original hair's lifespan will come.


Hair which falls out and normal hair loss combine and come off. Then you can see more hair loss than usual.
Don't panic then..
This is something that lasts for more than six months, which is worrisome, but worrying is useless as hair goes back to normal.
This is because there are quite a few individual differences, so do not feel more than unhappy compared to other people.


Please keep in mind that the same thing as this can also be seen in those who take "oral contraceptives".
However, You do not want to continue it for more than a year or when you lost your much hair in large quantities I recommend you consult with a dermatologist.
Recently, due to stress caused by social advancement, even with women, there is a tendency towards thinning hair and hair loss.
It is important to care about including them.