Cool the scalp and grow hair



Cool the scalp and grow hair


* Let me introduce a slightly different hair growth method today.
Its name also "cold water hair growth method"
It means "to cool the scalp".
This is a truly easy way to say "give stimulation" after all.


If you suddenly cool the human skin, your body will be surprised and try to restore the temperature of that part.
Here comes the appearance of blood.
In addition to nutrition, blood carries "body temperature" at the same time.


So, a lot of blood gathers in a cold place in one stroke. Besides, the blood vessel give the way like to the ambulance as it passes the way, so the effect is large.
If you do this also on the scalp, blood circulation will improve as well.
Blood is also supplied to hair follicles of the root which blood has not passed much so far, and activation of new cells can be expected.


This seems to be worth trying.
The way is simple.


@ Put the ice in a plastic bag.
A Stop the mouth of the bag with rubber band.
B Please apply this to the thin hair portion you care about.
C Apply it until it hurts a bit. It's about a couple of minutes.
D When your hands are cold, you'd better have ahead of the bag.


I will do this two or three times a day.
Be sure to clean the scalp, of course. If this is the way it does not cost money!