Is not it good for hair if the scalp has heat?

Is not it good for hair if the scalp has heat?

Is not it good for hair if the scalp has heat?



What if the scalp has heat?


* Even before, I told you that "it will itch when the temperature of the scalp rises."
For example it gets itchy as hair grows. I heard from customers that things get itchy when gray hair comes out.


The gray hair is not itching, but the hair grows, the temperature of the scalp becomes easier to stay, and as a result, the heat gets caught or itches it ... I think that it is close to the correct answer.
And if you cut your hair it will heal.


There are also people who say that when it is bad, that if she add hair dyeing solution it will cure itching.But this is most bad for the scalp
This is because the hair coloring solution is cold,she feel like cure iching. the liquid itself is not good for the scalp.


Anyway, the temperature of the scalp has risen, and it seems that it is not so good that the heat comes to muffle.
It is bad for the scalp to itch when your hair grows. Originally my skin was not very strong,when my weight increased, my scalp has ichi.


There are two types of human beings
@ The internal organs are strong and the skin is weak (fat)
A It is the two that the internal organs are weak and the skin is strong (thin).

In my case I feel like I became @ from A. There is also the word "helmet bald"in Japan.


In other words, those working at the construction site are always wearing a hard and heavy helmet. It is the theory that such people are "easy to thin hair".
Actually, the customer says that "I quit my job and stop having a helmet and my hair has grown up." (He also massaged the scalp.) Looking really short hair growing.


This helmet also seems to have drawbacks such as "heat comes on" and "extra pressure is applied to the scalp".
When heat is easily accumulated in the scalp, it is often seen that there are symptoms such as "the scalp is red" "the scalp itches" "many hair loss".

The general reason is caused by poor circulation due to "chemical substances (such as shampoo), food additives, stress", which results in failure to release heat well.


When I say how to do it,
@ Use less shampoo. If possible, natural non-additive shampoo.
A Shampoo is done gently.
B Gently gently scalp the scalp and make it soft. (We rub against the scalp fingers little by little to move the scalp itself)
C Do not take too much stimulant.


Please try something else.
Please inquire to the "honest, beautician" to see if the scalp is red.
I think that it is easy to distinguish because I am watching the scalp of many people.


It is not a very good sign that the heat gets stuck in the scalp and turns red or itches.
There are more people who are in their 40s who have suddenly reduced their hair with intense itching in 4 or 5 years.


Anyway, please keep in mind that "Keep the scalp clean and airy", "Keep the color of the scalp pale white".