Question of dandruff shampoo



Question of dandruff shampoo


* It is often seen in the streets, "Dandruff taking shampoo", but in the past there was a special ingredient in the ingredients.
In other words, "sulfur", I think that it was that it would break the dandruff and remove it from the scalp.


Even if it decomposes it does not act on the "cause of dandruff" itself, it is what is called "countermeasure therapy".


However, for quite some time ago, there was also a shampoo effective for the bacteria that cause dandruff - bamboo (fungus), fungus itself. Its ingredients are "zinc pyrithione" and "octopirox".
Originally "dandruff" was "metabolism" and "the stratum corneum layer of the scalp" was peeled off, it will fall if you shampoo normally.


However, if "sebaceous gland secretion" is too much due to constitution or for some reason, it becomes "seborrheic dermatitis", and in severe cases it will abnormally increase.
I have also seen several of them, but some people were scratching the scalp. In general, in such a case, it does not fall even if it washes it.


In such cases it is most important to keep it clean. Besides, recently, shampoo with ingredients that aim at attacking the fungus has come out.
Anyway, in the case of seborrheic dermatitis, it seems that the doctor recommended that "always wash off sebum with shampoo".


Also, on the other hand, if the scalp dries out and dandruff comes out, it will dry out (seborrhoeic seaweed) In such a shampoo, the fat will fall too much, so I think that you should use gentle on the scalp.


In addition, it goes without saying that taking enough "sleep, rest, nutrition" to prepare conditions.
I wrote it before, but it is not good to go to bed while having a shampoo at night and having a wet hair.


Bacteria are easy to generate, so be careful.
Let's dry the dryer after hot air, get it cold and approach the ground and let it drythoroughly. (Pay attention to the switch changeover!)


In addition, we recommend that you go to the dermatology department (such as chunks are sticky) when you do not improve even if you use things that fit your symptoms.