Hair and brushing



Hair and brushing


* Brushing your hair is a matter of particular concern for women with long hair.
Recently men also have a long person, so sex does not matter.
Although it is a premise, recently it says "every hair" and the tendency to "imitate to someone" idol hair of a talent or a singer has not been seen much.


Instead, each one is becoming a unique hair style. However, there is still a trend, and it goes without saying that "long hair" has a persistent popularity.


"Brushing" indispensable for its long hair etc. has the following objectives.
1) Prevent hair entanglement.
2) Fix the style.
3)To gloss the hair.
4) If you do it correctly, it becomes a scalp massage.


And so on.


1) and 2) well know that everyone is doing it for the first purpose first.


The thing to watch out is "nylon brush". "Static electricity" will occur, so we do not recommend it much, but professionally stylist using it .
At that time, They will set hair after applying "Treatment spray (oil spray)" on hair so that there will not be static electricity on the hair. This way, it protects to some extent from the heat of the dryer.
In fact, "animal hair" is the best, but it may be hard to get.


Also, if you do not wash for days or if you sleep for a long time, your hair "tangles up" at the back of the head. This is a stuff that naturally dead hair does not fall down, it is made by entanglement at the back of the head, and It will be something like ball.
In this way, "loosening" is a very difficult technique, the worst "cut I must". So brushing should be done as much as possible.


3) "shine out", but the hair brushing everyday surely becomes lustrous.But let's not overdo it too strongly.


Especially the hair when wet is "cardboard state". Attention is necessary because it will be easily damaged.
Blow so that the last moisture is blown away at once after making the whole damp dry. The good style will make at this moment.


Let's brushing, if possible, use a trimention spray and do it before it dry.


Finally, 4) If you do it correctly, it will be a scalp massage ... but this is a subtle problem. If you overdo it too strongly it scratches the scalp and "bacteria" etc will be infested. But moderate brushing is "stimulation of the scalp".


Please massage the scalp to the extent that the brush is "gentle touch".


Especially if you lighten brushing before shampoo, there is also an effect to remove dandruff and dirt.