Information on curly hair (2)



Information on curly hair (2)


* There are considerable differences among people depending on the person, but the ethnic diversity is wide.
There are many people who have struggled with their curly hair with strong curlsince their young days.


It would be nice if your curly hair was soft, but (it's rather pretty and voluminous) it is not good to get Curly hair with strong curl .
When I comb my hair every morning, I feel like I am having trouble feeling every morning with the curly hair with strong curl, so I can not do style it well.


Let's explain the types of hairs.


Ethnically it is said that Japanese have few curl hairs. Because the cross section of the hair is a beautiful circular shape, it is straight hair.
However, it is also true that foreigner are almost curled.


Curly hair has cross section like an ellipse arrow It is like a star when it is amazing. Hair of such a person has "curly hair with strong curl".
Indeed, there are also people who have "curly hairs" in Japanese as well.


* Curly hair is roughly divided into several types from its shape and form. It is wavy hair, torsion hair, crown hair, curly hair and so on.
Wavy hair: It is a wave-like pappies which is greatly undulating. If the strength is moderate, is it not necessary to apply a perm and it is because it is a other people to feel profitable? There are quite a case where the person himself is suffering from wave hair.


Torsion hair: Each one is twisted in a dull state. At first glance there are also people who do not look like curly hair. But when you take a closer look at each one, it is a state of twisting, so you will immediately understand it.
a wave hair: It is fairly hard, so to speak, it is a hairs which turns into a spherical shape with a whirlpool. With stiff hair, it is twisted, hair is easy to torn, so be careful. The countermeasure method is limited because it is kind of cumbersome hairs. Let's deal with "to make it straight perm," to make it short, etc.


Curly hair: This is "Niggro". The model is a black people. It may spirally swirl and it is twisted finely. By way of example, its cross section is complex.
In some cases, there are people who have multiple types combined.


It is good to grasp the state of your hair's hair first, but in fact I think that there is only recognition such as "strong, weak" etc. We will examine the previous method etc accordingly.Sometimes I do this.


It is a way to "turn a big wave stronger than his wave hair and change the hair into a loose wave".If it works, it will be a hard wave that makes loose tips hard, but let's cut off smoothly as it grows.Otherwise your wave hair will emerge so I will fight with wave hair by perm


Wave hair pretty well by cut them and it will be beautiful!