Tips not to hurt your skin by shaving



Tips not to hurt your skin by shaving


* My father born in Taisho often said that the shaving of men was satisfied by shaving deeply until they became clean skins until they became slippery (shaving skill the past).
My father was also a barbersmere, but he was a master that he cut hair 60 customers a day.


* T-shaped razor:
According to the story of my father, since a commercially available razor was bad and sharp in the past, it seems that "Good face razor is only at a barber shop" was normal. However, at that time "barbershop fee" was also cheap, so that I was able to go frequently.


However, nowadays the razor on the market has made remarkable evolution. From 2 blades, 3 blades, what recently 4 blades etc also came out. Why increase the number of blades seems to have been thought for measures against "After shaving left" which is a specific problem of male beard. Beard once the blade passes, it cuts out the part coming out of the skin, but it is often the case that it remain when you touch it with your hand.


This means that if you must shave deeply to the skin, the beard will grow sooner in the evening.You can shave it more efficiently by lifting the beard by raising it with your hand.
Once the shaved beard rises up, it will shorten further when the next blade passes again.


In the case of a barber, this is done using the left hand.
Firstly rub the skin well, then steam it with a towel and apply soap. (In my case, I will paint the skin cream thinly before that.) Then leave the skin stretched with your left hand.
Of course, it is not deep by just shaving once, and there is also a shaving left.


So lightly scrape the remaining part while moistening with water a couple of times so that the beard will also be raised with your left hand.
In my case I shave against the growing direction to wear whiskers from the opposite direction. Then for a while, the beard will wake up so you can shave the rest beard.

If I quit to do this technique, "Skin is painful" because I shave by the razor many times".
Because it raise a beard with a razor."
It will be obvious at a glance which one does not hurt if you do it either "whether to raise a rest beard with a soft fingertip or to raise a rest beard with a sharp razor to shave it".


In the case of a commercially available razor, the blade passes through the skin four times at one time because it is the former. However, because the interval is very short, it may be shaved efficiently by shaving before the hair sleeps.


This is my guess ....


* Electric razor:
This electric razor (shaver) has also made remarkable progress.
First, I got better to cut. The price is also cheap and it is about even disposable. Depending on how you use it, deep sledding is also possible.


There are people who often say "My beard can not be shaved cleanly unless it is a T-shaped razor." Indeed, with an electric razor, "beards will remain or they will not be shaved"There is something like that. However, whether you shave well is by the left hand technique. It is the keyword.


Regarding the electric razor, here is one caution.


* Be careful not to use an electric razor if it grows longer than 5 mm!


This is why the electric razor cuts the beard that came into the mesh's eyes. However, when it is too long, the beard turns smoothly and makes it hard to enter the mesh.
So let's shave it to about 5 mm for length and about 3 days for the date.


Too long beards use T-shaped razor, or shortened with commercially available hair clippers. (If you do not have an adapter, the clippers will be approximately 2, 3 mm long.) This way you can easily shave the mustache.


Moreover, although it is an opinion that it can not shave beautifullyby electric razor , this is also shaved cleanly when sliding several times while also raising the beard with the left hand.
The way of shaving is " shave like a electric razor from the way you raise the beard with your left hand, shave it chase with an electric razor." If you do this 3.4 times per place, you've made so-called "shave".


And another one has the same effect as a so-called professional technic, "I spread my skin with my fingers to the left and right and shave it." In other words, raise your mustache with your left hand and repeat "Shave your skin spreading to the left and right immediately with your fingers". This is the same as shaving when T-shaped.


However, since it will go through many times, please pay attention to the skin to some extent.In principle, it is "to raise the beard and then to shave by the razor".
In the meaning of disinfection afterwards, "After shaving lotion" is attached. Since alcohol is generally contained, it becomes disinfection of the wound.


And please be sure to supplement the sebum ingredients that have fallen with soap with skin cream.


* Do not pull out the beard!


There are people who often pull out their beards with their hands. It has become a habit, but it is better to quit this.
Because "the bear has pores spreading, so it will be shaved no matter how much she shaves it."
It is not very clean looking. I think it would be better to quit if possible.


People's face skin is thinner than other parts, so treat it carefully.