Head spa good for hair growth?

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Head spa good for hair growth?



Head spa good for hair growth?


* Recently the word "headspa" is known in the beauty shop and TV.
In short, this is "head massage", but its way and content seems to be various.
There are places that you are specializing, and some beauty shop that have private rooms set up in stores. The concept is "healing" and "pleasure, exhilaration".


There are many ways,
*They look at the condition of the scalp with a microscope.
* Perform "scalp washing" with a scalp shampoo etc.
* Massage from head to neck, shoulder and so on.
* Press the massage point.
* Take dirt off the pores.
And etc.


It is making the reclazation the biggest selling, but plus "barbers, beauty technique" is added plus.In general hair restoration salons, I think that those who do "Hairdresser's technique" are fewer.
However, the most important scalp massage and shampoo require pretty wrist flexibility and experience.

Even professional hairdresser can take a certain amount of time to be a hairdresser
Even if the new hair salon's newcomers of the general training in a short time it is not easy to do.


However, it may be better for the hair growth salon to become a veteran.
This is because there are cases where "specialized knowledge" has been learned.
On the other hand, in ordinary beauty salons, "there is technology already", I think there is a possibility that if there is a research heart at that shop it is possible to do quite good things.

Hair restoration salon may be expensive and may recommend a certain period, so occasionally it may be good to try out the hair spa "head spa".It's reasonable.
Professional technicians have opportunities to receive "many workshops", and if you are an avid shop, it is often that you are taking classes until taking a day.


I would like to pick a shop by checking the attitude of the store's manager.