The truth of finasteride's efficacy

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The truth of finasteride's efficacy



The truth of finasteride's efficacy


* Various information can be seen on the net regarding "Finasteride", a remedy for "Male pattern alopecia", but I examined the extent to which the results were confirmed .


First, it is the result of continuing "Finasteride 1 mg" for 3 years.
1) One year later, effect was recognized for 58% of people.
2) After 2 years, 68% of people had effect.
3) After 3 years, 78% of people were effective.


In other words, it seems that there is a result that "nearly 80% of people have effect when keeping dosage for 3 years".


"It can be expected to be effective if taken for 3 years" This is quite amazing thing. However, there was a characteristic in how to increase it. that is…
1) In the first year the number of hair growth increased.
2) After that the number of hair growth is reduced.
You seem to hear the voice "This is no good!", But do not worry, the following things have been confirmed.
3) However, appearance seems to be gradually "increasing hair".
4) The reason is that "the speed of extension grows faster".


From this, I think that it can be thought that the hair actually increased.
And what is more pleasant than most is that "male pattern baldness" of people who "continued to drink for 3 years" did not progress much.
This alone is "good news". If you do not do anything, you become baldness .

In addition, it seems that some overseas people have found that the effect was recognized for 90% of people who "took 5 years".
Unlike minoxidil, this "finasteride" can not be bought at a pharmacy (doctor prescription drug).


Because it is a drug related to "hormone", there is no other way to prescribe to the doctor.
The effect at the moment is like this.
Fortunately, things with heavy side effects have not been reported.
But there are a few note.


We recommend visiting the dermatologist who is outpatient for hair growth and taking it correctly.