infomation of thin hair topical medicine "minoxidil"

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infomation of thin hair topical medicine "minoxidil"



Talk of thin hair medicine "minoxidil"


* One set of organizations that make hair is called "hair follicles".
This is the whole part where the hair is buried, but just like a sheath, the hair is wrapped, and here is all "organization that makes hair".


Recently it seems that research etc. to cultivate "cell" in this "hair papilla" are underway, so can we expect a lot?.
"Hair papilla cells" seems to be the most promising part of medicine's efficacy among them.


"Minoxidil" is to work on this "hair papilla cell".


As you know, "minoxidil" acts on "hair papilla" and promotes the secretion of "adenosine (body signal and energy substance)" to expand the cells.
As far as America is concerned, everyone knows that it is "so-called" RiUP "or" Rogaine "in" only one medicine for depilation deprivation that is recognized as hair loss ".


Taisho Pharmaceutical introduced "RiUP" sold in Japan at "1%" for "OTC drug = no prescription of doctor", but unfortunately we could sell only "1%" which is ineffective. However, it is now available more percent.
The higher the concentration of "minoxidil", the more effective it is.


Since it came to be sold in the U.S. for 5% general-use medicine, it is sold as "RiUP X5" from "Taisho Pharmaceutical" in Japan as soon as possible.
(A product of minoxidil equivalent to "RiUP X5")


Products whose other effects are confirmed "medically" are as follows.


* "Success Vital Charge Medicated Hair Removal Agent" (Suppression of causative substances of depilation)
* "Medicinal Hair Power Neighbor" (Activation of "hair papilla cells")
* "Medicated crow" (activation of "hair papilla cells")


And "Oral hair growth medicine improvement medicine" is famous "Finasteride", but also here is "insurance inapplicable" so even if you buy it at a pharmacy or get it at a hospital "price is the same".
Anyway, "medical treatment" will advance more and more from now on, so I want to deliver information as quickly as possible.


By the way, let's keep in mind that most "hair salon salons, esthetics" do not have firm "medical grounds". (From the medical point of view, in the sense of being)
Although I do not think that it has no effect at all, probably most think that it is something that I can do by myself in my normal way.


I think that it will help you to improve your life and continue the correct habits, but there are troubles, so be careful.