Diagnosis of male pattern alopecia



Guidelines for male pattern baldness


* In male pattern alopecia, many people are the most concerned about 'hairline of forehead' and 'top . This part is officially called "forehead" "head top".
Whether these parts gradually retreat or become thinner, in particular in the case of the "forehead", it is almost always that the hairline gradually retreats.


Originally the forehead is wide people and narrow people are there, so it can not be said by one word, but from the medical point of view,the forehead's hairline that cuts the ears vertically line it is connected line to the top of the head
It is diagnosed that it is "male pattern baldness" if it is inside the line by 3 cm of the ears.



This "male pattern baldness" is surprised me because it is said that Japanese are one in three people, Westerners are one in every two people.
Of course there are many types that make your hair thinner.
Hamilton Norwood classification is like this.


Classification of male pattern alopecia


Looking at this, "Male pattern baldness" is from "type II", but at any stage it is obvious
which stage in this.
It is a story of the hairline, but the hairline at both ends has become V-shaped since I was young.


Fortunately for measurement there are more than 3 cm, but it's getting in a bit. But even now the position has changed little.
It is due to my friend saying "You remain hair." After all, "to some extent" "hair care" is also important, and nutrition and life etc will greatly depend on ....
This "male pattern baldness" is famous for the hair growth agent "Finasteride" to take, but it is not surprisingly known how much the effect is.    It is as follows.


Improved person: Person who did not change (Maintenance?): People with thinning hair are 5: 4: 1.
It is a remarkable achievement when compared with other hair growth agents that 50% is effective.


This is an experimental result, so it is a fairly reliable figure.
I think that you can understand well that the numerical value "0% of people who have problems" is in doubt in some publicity.


In reality, I think that there is nothing that makes such a good result that medical confirmation other than this treatment method to such many people.
However, I think that there is a method that is suitable for that person.

I think that it is a worthwhile way to try out to some extent to challenge yourself and to acquire the way that suits you.
Why I say this kind of thing is because you have to continue drinking this medicine.



Unless the place here is improved in some way, I think that those who search for various methods and remedies will not lose.