What is male pattern baldness?



What is male pattern baldness?


* What will happen if you mention male pattern baldness in a short?
It is "a phenomenon in which hair does not growth."


What does this mean? Although it is supposed to have the function of extending the growth period originally by the whim of the male hormone (exactly paradoxical action ... or the like ...), under certain conditions, "shortening the growth period of hair As a result, the hair does not grow enough, that is, it will "say goodby" before growth.


To say a little more concretely,
IGF - 1 is made with the same "male hormone, beard, etc .. This makes" hairy (beard) live longer by "profitable factor".


However, when coming to the top of the hair, TGF-B1 is made. This is "Bad Factor", It is factor to make your hair dead!
After all, the symptoms of "male pattern alopecia" are factors that are recognized by the medical association as "TGF-B1" and "male hormone" and "receptor" receiving male hormones now "cause of thinning hair".

Other than that, "shampoo" and "sebum of scalp and pore", etc. are currently denied medically as "cause of thinning hair".
However, there are things that actually cause "depilation", such as "s
eborrheic dermatitis", so it is still something we want you to clean the scalp and hair.


Also, medical "Finasteride" and "Minoxidil" require sustained dosage, there are some side effects, problems of money, etc. There is not a hundred percent effect, I think that most people depend on or ask for methods.
This explains the current situation that many people need hair tonic, shampoo and beauty exist the net and TV..


But in fact from a medical point of view,here is only "finasteride" or "minoxidil" treatment for "male pattern baldness".There is no other good method to be as effective.


However, this "male pattern baldness" is known to be inherited.
In my case, my father was bald, When I was 55 years old, but my hair has hardly changed from my high school days.When I meet a friend , they says "I thought your hair will be thinning when you were young age, but your hair remained".People seemed to feel that way.


By the way, there are a few things that seem to have started since I chose this job, and I think that I was positive with haircare.


Actually, I can not tell you how far it is "positive factor" from a medical point of view, but I will describe it for your reference.


1) Shampoo was changed to one with less additives.
2) Have a habit of keeping the scalp clean. (Increased the number of shampoo)
3) Try to rub softened the scalp. (Try not to hurt the scalp, blood circulation will improve)
4) stopped scratching the scalp with my nails. (I think this is important.)
5) Make your hair shorter. (easy, good ventilated)
6) Not keep itch your scalp.
7) We try not to feel as stressful as possible. (Basically it is a relaxing place and keep my own pace)


Why is it sticking to 'itchy scalp'? Most people who thinned with customers said that there was "itching of the scalp" and accompanied it with "hair removal", in fact When I was young, there was a time when I felt that 'scalp itching and depilation' is related.


Human life cycle "hair cycle" is only about 15 times.
Since one cycle is about 6 years, 6 × 15 = (90 years old)


So let's cherish hair.