Fight against "male pattern baldness" AGA

Fight against "male pattern baldness" AGA

Fight against "male pattern baldness" AGA



Fight against "male pattern baldness" AGA


* Among the hair growth and hair loss prevention, the most troublesome "male pattern baldness" AGA is the biggest theme of thinning treatment, but as long as "genetic" is related as written in this HP, At the moment it is difficult to completely treat.


According to one theory, "people over 10 million in Japan" is said to be suffering with this "male pattern baldness" AGA, but I am really surprised that this is one third of men.


Considering this by age, "juvenile alopecia" is the the 20 th to 30 th generation, and "menopausal alopecia" is said to begin in the 50 th to 60 th generation. "Male pattern baldness" AGA also has different name depending on the age.


Of course, other than genetics "stress" "poor blood circulation" etc is a big cause, but the biggest cause is ...
"Testosterone" which is a type of male hormone is converted into a bad hormone called "DHT (dihydrotestosterone)" by the function of the conversion enzyme "5α reductase", and since this DHT interferes with the division of hair follicle cells, normal hair The cycle is disturbed, hair removal occurs without sufficient hair growth.


In a bite, this is said to be the cause of AGA.
At the moment, treatment using "Propecia" is done. Currently it is the most common treatment method because the convenience of "drink one tablet a day" makes patients easy to treat.


However, if you are going to do the treatment, we recommend that you have "AGA treatment specialist".
This is said by experiences with various site, but please be sure to check it because it is an important point.
The price is roughly 7500 yen a month. (H23 year present)


Since there is a place where "medical fee" takes place, please listen to your explanation and give a consentable treatment.
Although it is the essential treatment effect, although there are individual differences in general, usually it can be confirmed that hair growth (improvement) is 3 to 4 months long and about half a year.


However, when you stop taking it you return to the thinning hair.
It is necessary to continue as it is taken once a day, so be careful.
However, it is Propecia (Finasteride) and RiUP, Rogaine (Minoxidil) that medicine effect is recognized. This treat is one way of thinking.


Of course there are cases where the effect is not recognized, but if you go to a specialist it will do it in a form that understands the properness and effect.