Is hot water just good for shampoo ?



Is only hot water good for shampoo?


* "Maybe only hot water is good for shampoo." It might seem like a joked title.
Up to now it has been tough to say "Natural shampoo is good" or "Wash the surface well ..." or so ... it is likely to say anything, this is not denying the shampoo etc until now.


I recently wash my head with only hot water
However, it is washed three times a week with a natural shampoo and the other days are being washed with hot water.


A little time ago the book "My pretty skin's bacteria' ~" came out.
A book in which a doctor was written, in which "How to wash your face" was introduced.


According to it, there was something called "Resident bacteria" on the skin, which is not a bad fungus, but it was actually that it was "creating moisture of the skin".
Moreover, the true body of that moisture is said to be "My pretty bacteria"
As soon as this fungus disappears, it is said that 'more bad "Resident bacteria" will come out and your skins will be miserable cndition...


"So take care of your pretty bacteria".
For that reason they said "Do not wash your skins too much".
To be specific, I think that washing wash with soap in the morning and then wash gently with only hot water.


Even if so much waste matter of bacteria increases, this time it was that you are going to use the facial cleansing soap moderately because mycelia became dirty with much waste matter of bacteria.
However, the scalp has actually very much "sebaceous glands" in many cases.
So it tends to accumulate fat easily, so shampoo once every 2 or 3 days needs to be done exactly.


Of course, if you are doing a "correct shampoo" you can do it everyday, so it will not happen that the hair gets too thin and thin.
However, I think privately "you have sufficient effect even if washing hot water on a day."
No matter how good shampoo it is not quite as "100% natural".


However, "I think that no matter how good shampoo it isn't as harmless as hot water."
For example, you can not express the naturalness as "water" than hairdressing such as mousse or liquid that you attach to your hair.


Just because it does not contain grease etc. evaporate and can not keep moisture, so we add various ingredients.
There is a report that 60% of the dirt falls even with hot water alone.
There is not such a wonderful harmless, cheap, effective shampoo (?).


So we recommend " hot water shampoo" on day.
In this case, there is the advantage that "fat content does not drop too much" and "can be cleaned moderately".
However, there are always dirt and hair styling pores, hair styling coming from the outside, stains coming from the outside, so please do "shampoo correctly" once every 2 or 3 days. "