Differlence of "hairr growth" between "hair increase"

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Differlence of "hairr growth" between "hair increase"



Differlence of "hairr growth" between "hair increase"


* Recently I heard from customers "How is hair growth different from hair growth?"
Casually we are listening to this word everyday on TV commercial etc etc
I did not mind so much, but I was relieved to hear from the customer. I thought that "I have never written it even with HP," I took up this theme.


In addition, this time I wrote about "Hair increase".
@ Hair growth: That is, "hair grows where there is nothing".
But this requires attention. In other words, what kind of hair grows? This is also necessary to consider.
Even if fortunately it grew again after roughly no hair grows due to something in general, thin hairs like 'Ubu hair' usually grows. This is the same even when coming out with an anticancer drug etc.
As time goes by, thick and firm hair grows gradually. This is the proof that "hair cycle" has become normal. In other words, it can be said that "hair grows" for the first time.
In fact it is said that the hair will not come out anymore if "pores" are closed. Afterwards there is only hair transplantation.
What I call this "new hair growth" (to be exact, "it will grow again") is called "hair growth".


A Hair restoration: Although this is already growing, it is said to make normal grown hair with poor growth.
In other words, because the cycle is out of order, it is possible to think that hair growth is "to make hair growth cycle normal" because it does not grow well enough and it goes out.
This cycle is described in detail below.
Find the cause of depilation!
"That means that you can not escape from depilation without being able to escape to become thin bristles.


B Increase hair: There are many ways to do this. In other words, rather than growing hair, "Let's take it from somewhere".
A) Makeup of artificial hair: Attach the artificial hair to the root of the remaining hair, or implant it in the skin and increase the hair.
However, regular care is necessary as it will come out after a certain period of time comes. Recently I do not hear how to plant too much. There are problems of infection and so on.
A certain major manufacturer seems to be taking a method such as "attaching" and sticking hair on ultra-thin artificial skin and sticking it on the scalp.
Currently the most revolutionary name method is "self-hair flocking,transplant from my remain hair.


We will transplant my hair to the top of the head taking part of the skin (leaving the temporal part).


It is an epoch-making way to keep growing without maintenance.
The price is a good price It may not be said that it is high if you think about hair growth and wigs over a long period of time.