Causes of scalp itching 2



Causes of scalp itch 2


* "About the itch of the scalp" this time I would like to think more in detail.First of all it was the cause, but last time I wrote that "When the hair grows is it itchy?"
It stated that "the temperature of the scalp tends to rise" and it is easy to be wettable".
This time, I would like to think a little further.


That is, "hair and scalp care is harder to do as long hair". In other words, since hair is long, I think that the following disadvantages are considered.


@ Because the hair is long, the scalp is not thoroughly washed.
A Likewise, I can not recommend it enough.
B Also, do not let it dry thoroughly.


as a result ,from @ "Dirt does not fall → bacteria occurred, bacteria in the nail enter the weak part of the scalp in a terrible time"
From the result of A, it is the cause of "itchy shampoo is not enough → ingredients of shampoo remaining → itch" (especially allergic people are cautioned)
And from the result of B, problems such as "the scalp is moist going to bed → as it is - occurrence of bacteria" etc occur.


Besides, it affect evils due to excessive washing. Especially it is the worst to stand nails.
Wash it with your fingertips. Even if you use a fingertip, it is close to the first joint. Do not stand nails absolutely. It falls into a vicious circle. (With nails → scarring → bacteria entering → causing inflammation → itching it with nails)
As a result, the scalp becomes rough and "dandruff" starts to appear. This is a caution signal.


Then say what to do in such cases, please try this kind of thing.


@ Try changing the shampoo to one with less irritation (amino acid type, Embaru shampoo of this site is recommended).
A Well rinse. I firmly dry the surface before going to bed
B Do not wash too much. It is good only once in 1 to 3 days.
C Let's refrain from "perm" and "hair dye" in severe cases.
D Rinse can not be applied to the surface. The amount of hairdressing is the same. (Tonic is OK to the surface)



In any case, "itch" may have started inflammation, so wash well, rinse thoroughly and let it dry well.
Please do go to "moderate" so as not to exceed the degree.