What do you do when the scalp is itchy?

What do you do when the scalp is itchy?

What do you do when the scalp is itchy?



What do you do when the scalp is itchy?


* There was a question from the customer during this time. That's such a question.
"I asked the staff of the shop where I went to," I heard it's getting itchy as my hair grows, but why is it? ", I heard that" your hair is Curly hair, so when you grow it, Is not it going to itch my skin pecking and itchy? "So do you think?


It is a very unique opinion. The opinion of the technician is ...
If this theory is correct, the Negro Hair of Negro must always be scratching his head.
But there is not such a thing.
Of course whether itching it is not understood unless you ask each person directly, the actual state is unknown, but if you think about it in common sense, you will understand.


Let's list the things that you hear often due to the trigger of itching itching.


@ It is a simple thing, You have not washed my head for a while: This is an ordinary story, why? The answer is easy, because the scalp is dirty.
Because it is in a state that dirt and oil are accumulated in the scalp and pores, bacteria are also likely to occur (since it is moderately wet at 36 degrees and it is paradise of Bacillus) it causes irritation and itching.
Let's shampoo promptly.


A It will itch when the gray hair comes out without dyeing the hair: This is a story that ladies often overwhelmingly say. In other words, I will push up my hair from below and grow, so I will extend 1 cm in January. Then you say that the head is getting itchy around the elongated root.


Moreover, there were more than one who said "Itchiness stops when hair dyeing".
This is also a mysterious story without reason...
First of all, it seems that there is nothing wrong with the scalp as much as hair dyeing but itchiness is improved by that ...Is it true?


It is not because the gray hair has grown but because the hair has stretched, and as a result the temperature of the scalp easily rises, ... Moreover, it is difficult to wash from long hair, rinsing becomes insufficient.
As a result, the scalp environment gets worse ... I think that this is one factor as well.


Because "It's about how the hair grows and changes in the scalp environment and how to clean it." Physical reasons that it is hard to wash afterwards are added, so that it is steamy scalp.


B Itchy when the hair falls out: It is a very terrible story. But this is indeed, and it actually comes out to experiences of thinner people.
It is believed that the condition of the scalp deteriorates again.


To tell the truth, I am the same. When it is short, it does not itch much, but if I extend my hair it is relatively prone to itch.
So at such times do not wash strongly, lightly massage and shampoo later.
Also, it is strange that when my hair is short, it does not itch much. Ventilation is good.


As I have experienced this many times, I think that "because scalp temperature has risen and it became easier to be steamy"
Actually I did not try the temperature of the scalp, but surely the scalp is becoming easy to be steamy.
It is certain that it is difficult for fingers to reach the roots of the skin and hair when shampooing.


When thinking of this, the good style for hair restoration will be short-haired.
However, there are many people who have long hair.
Such a person is doing ordinary.They are'nt getting itchy
Considering this, perhaps it is related to each individual's mind and physical condition.


My coping method at such time,


A) Increase the number of shampoo a little.
B) Rinse thoroughly.


…is. If hair is long, "rinse" tends to be neglected. Water is the best remedy. Please flush the ingredients of shampoo and rinse well. I think that it should be done with the usual twice.

Cherish your important hair ...