Thinking about Salon of hair regeneration



Think of hair Salon of hair regeneration


* I once wrote about recent hair treatments in "Being thinking about Salon of hair regeneration(1)" before.
I gave you my thoughts on both minus and plus, but I would like to think about it again.
Recently, in terms of its effectiveness, it has been reviewed in the industry, too much advertisement is not being done.


This is because there are complaints and lawsuits in publicity and sales, so that success rates and their effects are not accurate ,they are individual evaluations (personal impressions) I will.
This is of course a matter of course, as 100% is not possible because multiple causes of each one of them are creating different causes while maintaining a subtle relationship.


I think that such promotional expression is appropriate.
In general, let's think about what "the effect of " Salon of hair regenerationis.


@ What will you do first?


A) Take dirt on the pores: This is the Recommended point of most . How to do is various.


* Open a pore with a steamer → Open it in sauna. It is also good to cover the scalp with a steamed towel. (Beware of burns)
* Take dirt off the pores with a special shampoo. Those containing black ink and mud will absorb fat and dirt on shampoo. Those with Unique ingredients ...


B) Scalp massage (stimulating the acupuncture point of the head to improve blood circulation): For better metabolism, be careful here!


* When shampoo is attached to the scalp, doing so will cause inflammation, so "Do not massage too strongly".


A What effect is there?


A) The circulation will improve: This is more important than @. Because it is nutrition of "blood" to build hair at all.


B) Normalization of the scalp: When taking excessive scalp and pores fat and dirt, (although moderately) the metabolism of the scalp becomes normal.


C) Mental stress relief: Stress is a big enemy of hair! I will support it on a spiritual side. The service of a young lady will be great stress relief.


B How much is it worth?


This is where you want to know the most. To think of this, I have to think about "thin type of hair", but because it duplicates other articles, I will tell you my idea.


* The most problematic thing is hereditary 'male pattern baldness', except for here (ie if the parent's hair seems not so bad) to improve scalp cleanliness, lifestyle habits, stress, shampoo etc. There is a possibility that "thinning hair" may be improved.
The success experience of most esthetics seems more or less to be in this category. Well then can I do it myself? Although it seems to be, it requires "resolution" and "sustainability" for it.


Briefly, it means "It can not be done" ... I think that consciousness and voltage are different before and after acquiring knowledge and information, so "knowing" is very important I think you can understand that there is.
But there are some who actually improve with their own power. So what should I do?


So I cited three examples of how to use "Salon of hair regeneration" as an example.


A) As a fitness club for those who can not self-manage or sustain


B) As a turning point for those who want a chance to get started


C) Or as "information source" for those who want "information and know-how"


In c) you need to clear the problem of a). Leveraging the knowledge gained once will make the most of the money.
How to do is different depending on the Salon of hair regeneration , but what if you go with the feeling of "studying" if you use it ....


(Note) "Hair Esthe" and "Dermatology Hair Clinic = AGA" are different. AGA is "treatment with medicine" done by a doctor in dermatology.
There are also methods to cure without using medicine and selling information, but I do not know the exact success rate.


Please confirm firmly what kind of method you are trying to select.