The secret of the hair on the scalp

The secret of the hair on the scalp


* In TV commercials, a young woman saw that she had pulled a long hair on her arms and was pulling it with strongly, do you know?



So someone like your older brother or father comes out and their hair are bushy in the blink of an eye.
When I see that video, both of them are showing the hairline dignifiedly.
That style, in fact, I can not do it with wigs. Or, that style makes it "Everything will be visible.".
Because there are parts of the foundation called "net" which are usually planting hair on the wigs, this is a functional part and if you raise it, the part of this edge will be visible .


So, the wigs are in a style that like down the bangs.
Many of these foundations are black in color, but this is for camouflaging to blend in the color of the hair and make it invisible.
It surely mixes with the color of the hair from the top and it is not noticeable. But once you try to raise wig, you can see a clear black line.
For that reason, we often see wig's Substrate are brown or flesh colored ecently. However, if your hair is short, there are not good because you can see white lines.


It's rather unnatural ...


So, what about the hair she got on her arms? It's a experiment or demonstraition.
Sports mowing is all visible style, but it is also showing at the CM
Actually, the secret of this technology is "ultra-thin artificial skin".


That is, recently developed "ultra-thin artificial skin" is glued with adhesive, but artificial skin is planted with artificial hair.


But here comes the question.


In other words, it is a simple question: "Do you want to paste it over the remaining hair?"
No matter how , there are not so many people who are truly skin head.
Most of the time, they remain a little and they grow up wonderfully.
That's why when you wear this, you shave what remains!


You will want to say "Is this good idea?" ...


And more surprisingly, as the hair grows again in a couple of months, I will peel it once and paste the new one again.
"Well, I guess it's a bit crazy..."


However, it can be said that its performance is perfect. Wherever you look from, it looks like "your hair". Even though we think comprehensively, it is a feeling that "it is okay" whether it is high priceor not.


After that is a matter of thinking.


If you consider maintenance once in one month to be the same as cutting ordinary hair, it may not be a pain.
Aside from that, recently there are wigs that apply this technology only to the front hair. It is also possible to raise the front hair with this.


This may be realistic ....In any case, Japanese wigs are likely to evolve further ....