UV rays threaten the scalp!



UV rays threaten the scalp!


* During the summer, a lot of ultraviolet rays will fall on us.
It is well known that ultraviolet rays are harmful to the body, but it is not surprisingly known that it has an adverse effect on hair and the scalp.


So how bad is it? Let's divide it into hair and scalp and think about it.


1) Effect on hair
Hair is made of protein. And the hair - specific parts protect hair around it. This is a part like "scales", it is called "cuticle".
Ultraviolet rays will attack her hair. Cell breaken. and it hurts her hair as a matter of course.
It is necessary to care for the hair around the end of summer.
So here is the relationship between "ultraviolet rays and scalp" of today's main theme.


2) Influence of ultraviolet rays on the scalp


Ultraviolet rays adversely affect the skin as you know.
It is said that if you take too much time it will cause serious illness on your skin.
It seems that the scalp does not get much sun's ray thanks to the hair.
In fact, if you cut the head of a long-haired customer, Cutting round.The scalp is pale (although this is a healthy proof of the scalp), it seems that it is not so sunny, but because the color has not changed Saying that ultraviolet rays are not hit is.


In fact, in fact, the scalp has been hit by the sun more than I thought, especially short hair need attention.
According to a doctor's advise, the sunlight hitting the scalp is the fat accumulated on the scalp, which oxidizes them ....
Oxidized fats are said to "shrink the hair root, eventually causing hair loss".


Even here it is taken up as not good to have unnecessary sebum on the scalp.
Attention is required especially for sebum in the pores.
Please see the cleaning page of pore sebum from the following page
Let's squeeze the fat in the pores!
There was a advise about how to wash the scalp.


In other words, "When washing the scalp, wash with" finger belly ", but the problem is that most people think that" finger belly "is" fingertip "and caught with nails It is a point of washing.
So when you look at the magnifying glass, it seems that there are quite a few people who are red and get inflamed.
The "belly of the finger" is the part near the first joint. It is a little under the fingertips.


And the scalp massage said "It is better before washing".
In a professional lecture, say "You will wash it like massaging the scalp".
Still it wet skin is likely to be damaged.
Certainly hair, even when wet, it is so soft as cardboard, so do not lose ... ... It is common sense among professionals.


So let's say that you should do it when you dry it so as not to hurt the scalp.
However, when doing a massage, the professional will do with the power being added and reduced, and furthermore, since "shampoo pleasant feeling" is also required, I think that there is a reason to say.


It is the hair matrix cell of the hair root in the "scalp" that makes the hair anyhow.


Do not put anything bad from the top (fat, dirty, bacteria)


Put good stuff down from the bottom (enough free flowing blood)


Let's encourage hair