Secret of relationship between hairstyle and face

Secret of relationship between hairstyle and face

Secret of relationship between hairstyle and face



Secret of relationship between hairstyle and face


* "Secret of face and hairstyle" It seems to be a big subject, but I think whether there are a lot of people who care about it.
But in my experiences, I feel that you are most often asked for something opposite to you.
For example, that is, if you are a face-long one, say "I am a long face and hate it, so I want to show it round."


Or , the person with the "rounded face", contrary to it, "I do not want the face to be rounded, I wonder if it will be a smart egg shape?" Or "Make it look thinner "
"Curly hair" is longing for "straight", "Straight hair" people longing for "wave hair".
To say it more closely, your favorite talents and actors are limited to those who do not have them.


So accept it as a matter of course and step forward one more step and think that "the person opposite to me is evaluating the shape of my face", if I think about the opportunity to review the merits of my face Is it?
I think that it is possible to obtain a satisfactory look with one way of altering whether it is "plus thinking" or not.


Secret of face and hairstyle


I think that the shape of the face can be roughly divided into five. Egg type, round face, facial face, inverted triangle face, base type face.


A) Egg type:


Although it is close to "elliptical" as a whole, it is so to speak as the sole form.
I think that calling this ideal is too simple. People taste is diverse.


However, it may be said that it is a safe form. In general, the face looks small, so I think that the balance of the whole is good.
Consider this type as a basic type and consider about other types.


B) Round shape:


This type is also the one of the circular type. The point is.... You show your face long.
In other words, the top puts out the volume and the side is holding down ... In addition, it makes the neck feet a little long from the back of the ear and makes it feel like a long face.


C) Long face:


I think that the long face is beautiful, but in this case it is the opposite of the round face.
Make the top holding down, side put out a little volume, front hair are getting down.
This reduces the exposed area, so it looks like a small face.


D) Inverse triangle


Sometimes the chin is thin and weakly feel .... I will cover the chin with "neckline".
In other words, as you can see from the front the neck looks a little longer.
Your face can be well balanced if your jaws look like not long.


In this way, the hairstyle you actually want to do and the shape of your face are often different.


Because there are various forms of faces, it is interesting. I want to cut hair by exploring my possibilities while treating individuality.