Hair and hormones



Hair and hormones


* Relationship between hair and hormones, especially men are worrisome.
Because the biggest difficulty for men is "alopecia with male hormones".
It is true that "male hormone" is indeed a bad thing (about male pattern alopecia), but I'd like to see what each hormone is supposed to do.


1) Function of male hormones:


A) Make body hair, beard ...
Do you know how many body hair of the whole body is there? It seems to be about 5 million. And strangely, it seems that both men and women have the same number.
And it seems that there are 130 to 1.5 million hairs in whole body. Since the hair of the head is 1 million, I understand how much the hair is large.
And the male beard grows 2~30000, so every day it grows so hard.
Beardness seems to be related to the amount of "male hormone".


B) Promotes secretion of sebum ...
Because of this, the pores are likely to become clogged with sebum. Doing so will result in poor nutrition and circulation, hindering hair growth. Eventually may hair matrix cellay stop working.
Therefore, "male hormone" Equal hair thinning can be represented. But the cause of thinning is that it is not all.


C) Make a manly body ...
It goes without saying.


D) Increase libido
... It was not unknown. I thought whether both hormones are so.


2) Female hormone's work:


A) Make skin and hair beautiful ...
The effect of growing hair is in "male hormone", but it may change to substances that hind the growth of hair under certain conditions.
However, "female hormone" has the effect of keeping the hair glossy and elasticity beautiful.


B) Strengthen the bones ...
This also surprising action. Many women become thintheir bones a little when they get older, but it is a little surprising that there is such a work.


C) Make a feminine body ...
As you know, I will make round body.


D) Control such as pregnancy ...


Of course, physiology etc is included.


I think that if you remember that "body hair" = male hormone "head hair" = female hormone figure like this, it is almost the case
But do not forget that both men and women have both hormones.


Here, too, you must be careful that men often have many "male hormones" so "sebum easily goes out".


It is important to properly wash the scalp and keep it clean.