Exercise and hair



Exercise and hair


* What is the relationship between an exercised hair?
Generally I am not very conscious, but I would like to think a bit.
Exercise is a voluntary health method:
I think that it can be understood from the information which has been up to now that "It is a good thing for a body that is good for equal hair".
However, "exercise" is commonly said as a more aggressive health law than"healthy eating habits" "stress relief" "sleeping"
So what exercise is good for hair? The answer is "indirectly good".


Here's why.


A) Exercise improves metabolism (cardiopulmonary function).


B) As a result, "blood circulation" will improve.


C) As a result, it has a positive effect on hair growth.


It is like this.


So what kind of exercise is good?
That is "aerobic exercise". Walking, jogging, swimming, bicycles and so on.
The point is as follows.


A) Movement that can last for a long time.


B) Consumption of calories is great.


C) Feel free to do it and is safe.


D) To be able to do twice a week at least.


E) It is important to be sustained.


And so on.


It is quite different from go by the car. You are need to walk.
What is the relationship between hair growth and ultraviolet rays?
Although swimming is aerobic exercise, so it is recommended, but it is not suitable for hair because "chlorine" is contained in warm water and so on.
This is because there is "bleaching action". In other words, it is the same as being "bleaching". It is as you know that "decolorization" hurts hair.


So, let's rinse as soon as you get out of the pool. (Salt water also hurts hair)


In this way, doing exercise if you keep a little attention is good for "hair growth".


Exercise and hair