What is the relationship between hair growth and ultraviolet rays? A

hair growth and ultraviolet rays

What is the relationship between hair growth and ultraviolet rays? A



What is the relationship between hair growth and ultraviolet rays? A


* I hear that the amount of ultraviolet rays will increase from spring to summer.
Attention is needed for direct sunlight per May which is said to be surprisingly large.
This "ultraviolet ray" is actually "an enemy of the hair" is ... That is to say "it is bad for both hair and the skin, both." Well, let's see what kind of bad thing there is.


@ Drying:


Ultraviolet rays will cause the hair and the scalp to become dry.
It is better not to have sebum in the scalp pores, but the scalp itself requires moderate moisture.
Also, exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time will destroy the "protein" which is the main component of hair.
In other words, it is said to weaken or is prone to bruise.


A The cuticle makes a dilemma.


Cuticle is like scales on the surface of hair.
Although this is an important part protecting the hair, the reason why the hair looks natural is because it is irregularly reflected ..
Funny 'unnatural gloss' like the old wigs is because there is no such cuticle. (However, it is artificially made by the advancement of technology now)
It is essential for "natural gloss". As this is destroyed, the unprotected hair will be damaged more and more.


B Hair color can be reddish:


This is because "melanin pigment" is broken.
Ultraviolet light destroys it.


C Result:


It will be hurted hair, it will be bad hair.
*And It is really dry hair, it's terrible.


@ Defense by wearing a hat! :


The hat is effective to prevent ultraviolet rays. However, a little care is required for this.
When the hat is worn, the scalp gets stuffy. This is a negative factor for hair growth.
Therefore, we recommend a mesh hat if possible. If you can not do that, please sometimes take off and improve the ventilation.
When there is no need, don't put hat on you head.


A Utilize UC care products:


Apply UV cream on hair part and hair part (part). However, it is desirable to shampoo and drop on that night at night. That part is protected from ultraviolet rays.


B Treatment:


Let's treat your hair when you return.
It is recommended that those containing "UV absorbing component" if possible. Please ask at the cosmetics store.
On the scalp, "camellia oil" before shampoo is good. Rinse in the scalp and shampoo. It moisturizes moderately.


Generally it is known that ultraviolet rays will damage the hair, but it is not often told that scalp needs care too.
Especially when I take a strong sunshine for a long time, I would like you to try both care.