Vitamins for hair



Vitamins for hair


* There are several vitamin medicines especially good for hair but there are vitamins that will be "minus reverse if you take too much", so I would like to introduce it.


@ Vitamin A (fat soluble): Caution !!


If this is missing, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and so on will atrophy. As a result, sweat and sebum decrease. This will cause "excessive dryness of the scalp".
However, if you take too much of it, surprising obstacles come out.
For example, "scalp becomes hard" (that is, it becomes keratinized).
Also, sometimes "rash" comes out. "The scalp becomes hard" and that part hair becomes "thinning" .


Actually "thin" If you are touching the scalp of your customer you can see that the scalp is definitely hard. In other words, "scalp nutrition disorder" may cause hair to fall out, so be careful.
It does not take too much at the level which you normally ingest from meals. The problem is "vitamin drug". It is necessary to pay sufficient attention as excessive taking nutrition by a supplement is harmful.
Also, eating too "eel" ,don't over-eating . Let's try balanced diet!


A Vitamin E: (lipid soluble)


It is an important vitamin to improve blood circulation. Because it dilates the capillary, blood flow improves.
If it runs short, blood circulation worsens, and as a result also hair matrix cell becomes nutrition deficient and hair growth is hindered.
These are "fat soluble vitamins", but these are easy to accumulate in the body, so it is said that you have to be careful in taking too much.
However, vitamin E is closer to "water-soluble vitamin", so here is especially concerned about taking too much "vitamin A". So it's something to watch out for taking "vitamin A" too much.
* Other beneficial vitamins are "water soluble". These are hard to accumulate in the body so it seems that you do not have to be so nervous.


B Vitamin B 2: (water soluble)


It makes the capillary strong. Therefore, I can improve my circulation. If it is not enough, sebaceous secretion abnormality will occur.


B Vitamin C: (water soluble)


Increases resistance and reduces inflammation. There is a bactericidal action. Also, to improve the absorption of calcium ...
Just water-soluble, but much care ( about kidney) is necessary .


C Vitamin F: (water soluble)


If it is not enough the scalp will dry. The hair will not be moisturized .
Even with water-soluble vitamins, the number of doctors who issue warnings recently has been increasing as too much takeovers by unbalanced supplements.


Supplements should "use dosage to supplementarily" to the end.