You do not like gray hair, do you?



You do not like gray hair, do you?


* Gray hair ... You hate it don't you?
But even if you find out gray hair in early it may come out more even in twenties.
I think that it is useless, but let's first show off the actual condition of gray hair so as not to mind.


@ Where does gray hair increase from? :


Everyone this should know this.
The most obvious thing is at the beginning that it start from " front hair,bangs", so you can understand it immediately.
There are actually quite a lot of people saying "If you are behind me I do not mind my gray hair.
you can't find it behind of me. ...".
The next largest part is "temple" There are many here and "it is hard to dye !!" (Winding Saran wrap is good!)
However, behind, especially under the back of the head is black.
It is strange, but even if it is considerably gray hair, it is quite common for both men and women who have black hair remaining in this part alone.


A Mystery of the amount of gray hair:


My father who taught me the tecnic always said it.
"The gray hair looks twice as much as it actually is" ... That is, if you have10% gray hair,it looks like 20% gray , have 20%gray hair it looks like 40% gray" and so on.
So,I was taught that "If you have half gray hair, it looks all gray hair".
Human eyes are easy to be deceived. It is a so-called "illusion" ... white is conspicuous because of its high lightness.
So it is too early to mourn that it is all gray hair because it is gray hair a little. Surprisingly the actual amount of gray hair is small ...


B Causes of gray hair:

The following causes are considered in the range currently known.

A) Disease: gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid diseases or anemia etc.
B) Stress: I often say that hair is completely gray hair with fear and overnight. Many have been told many times since old times that your gray hair has increased when you are worried.
C) Aging: When I get older ... it is natural.
D) Inheritance: ... This is important. Young thinning hair begin early (from around 30) etc can be seen especially with parents. Both thinning and gray hair are inherited.


C Food that may be good for gray hair.
Gray hair becomes white with "melanocyte" decreasing. This is a pigment of hair, but it is said to activate this to prevent the growth of gray hair.
A) Zinc (oysters, almonds, etc.): Synthesize proteins. "Hair raw materials" is!
B) Copper (lever): Reinforce protein by binding.
C) DHA (tuna, mackerel): It is effective for prevention of gray hair.
D) Seaweeds (Hijiki, Seaweed, etc.): Minerals are nourishing the hair.
E) Sesame: Vitamin E improves blood circulation.


D Measures against gray hair:


So what do you do to decreas gray hair?
However, If you has'nt a countermeasure and without any help. The only way is how it makes you show less.

A) Make hair dye:


This is an ordinary way.
But this is the most certain but there are both advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage is "color does not fall". It is also possible to change to the desired color.
The downside is that the hair will be damaged. It contains bleaching agent and hurts hair, but it can be stopped to the minimum depending on the way.
Hair dyeing has "Alkali hair dye (ordinary hair dye)" "Acid oxidation hair dye" "Acid color (Hair manicure)" There is less pain as it becomes later, but dyeing worsens.


B) Color Spray:


Immediately easy way.
It is very convenient, but it will fall off after washing. Stain unevenness is seen..
I will try not to touch the surface as much as possible. It gets stuck and is not very good for your scalp.


C) Hair rinse, contains dye :


Dye is contained in the rinse and it gets stained little by little whenever you shampoo.
There are many opinions that it does not get dyed so well. However, if it keeps using it "maybe somehow" will colored ...


D) Hairdressing materials containing dye:


For men "Burcon" It is "Hair cream with color" etc that can be with men and women as well.It is seiied in Japan.
The characteristic is that the color is attached every time you attach it to the hair and the boundary is difficult to understand. (It is the same in the case of c) It is an advantage not to touch the hands and forehead.
being dyed is still like "somehow ..."
There is no feeling that it is "dyed", but in some cases it feels like "not too much dye" depending on the person.
Just the hair may be easy to dye depending on the quality.


E) Hair Dyeing Shampoo:


It will take a month to dye.
However, because it gradually stains, it has the advantage of not burdening the scalp and hair.The disadvantage is that you do not get colored immediately. There are other hair gel etc.


F) "Rishiri kelp" hair dye:


It is a groundbreaking item that recently appeared.
Since hair and nails are not stained, after shampooing, take gloves and pick up from the tube, and attach it to the unevenness and hair. It is OK even if attached to the scalp .. You will washn away with hot water.
For that reason it is dyed from the root of hair. Since it is a hair manicure, the color decolorizes little by little, but it is safe because it is a natural material made with kelp or turmeric even if it is dyed weekly. Hair is rather shiny!
For that reason you can always keep a dyed state from the root of hair.