Let's squeeze the fat in the pores!



Let's squeeze the fat in the pores!



* There are various kinds about fat (sebum) in the pores.
Various opinions are also on the net, such as "do not remove it" or "it is very ineffective for male pattern baldness" and so on.
However, I have never seen any opinion that "There is better to be fat (sebum) in the pores "
Although this may not be the decisive cause, it seems that there is no doubt that it is one negative factor.


However, sebum that accumulates deeply in the pores is mixed with dirt and bacteria and can not be taken easily.      I'll introduce some ways.
Last but not least there is a wonderful way to remove it.


Please choose the method that suits you.


@ Use shampoo with charcoal:
Recently it has become common to see.
Taking out the shampoo solution, it is a dark black. Of course it is due to Bincho charcoal, but this ink removes pores fat to some extent. It is cheap and affordable.


A Use shampoo with mud etc:
I will use a shampoo which is mixed with mud of the sea bottom finely into a micro shape.


B Shampoo for scalp:
It is a shampoo aimed at cleaning the scalp.
It contains ingredients to improve the circulation of the scalp and ingredients to remove grease.
A couple of kinds were seen in the genre "men's shampoo", but recently it seems that many are sold with different names.


C Use Camellia Oil and Olive Oil:
Rub on the surface before shampoo. Then just take a bath or warm it with a steamed towel. Then wash with a shampoo. I feel like 'wash grease with oil'. Olive oil is goo even on the market "extra virgin oil".


D "squeeze out the pores of the scalp with hands":
It is a kind of surprising way. But actually they do that.
The way is ...


A) Keep the scalp slightly wet with hot water.


B) Place both hands about 20 cm to the left and right from the center of the head and open your fingers.


C) Apply a little pressure.


D) As it is, slowly bring both hands closer.


E) Push until fingers and fingers cross. It feels like squeezing the scalp. If it pushes too hard, hair will be cut off, so please adjust it.


F) Next, move the position forward slightly and repeat steps a) to e).


G) When you come to the end, please do the rear one this time. You do not need to go down. We mainly do the upper part. Of course, you can do all the parts, but because it is often the top of the head that the hair becomes thin or slipped out.


By doing this you will get pore oil.
Then drop it with a shampoo. You can shampoo after doing it in a bathtub. Pores are opened and the oil is also softened ... In this way, keep pores clean.


If oil is accumulated, pores become bigger and inflammation occurs.
As a first step in hair growth, pores should not save oil.


However, the scalp needs a little moisturizing oil.
If you take too much, it will dry out, but rather sebum will increase ...
For that reason we recommend a natural non-additive shampoo that is easy in detergency.