How to massage scalp

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How to massage scalp

How to massage scalp




@ Draw a circle:


Draw a little circle from the bottom to the top with your fingertips and massage" it to the top of the head.
At this time, lightly apply pressure to the fingertip. Instead of rubbing, do it with a gloomy touch
We will advance from all the hairline towards the center of the top of the head. (Please also go from the previous line.)


A Grab with fingertip:


There is an effect of rubbing and peeling off sebum of pores. Pushed down the fingertips of both hands.
Like a circle with a diameter of 3, 4 cm of the fingertip as seen from yourself.
Apply a little pressure to the scalp, move it little.
What is important is "to make the scalp move".
I am doing this mainly mainly at the top of the head, but everyone as same as @ Please go to the top of the hair from the hairline. (This is pretty tiring.)



B Strike:


Even if it says "hit", it does not strike strongly.
It also stimulates lightly as it fingers .
With five fingers rhythmically fingers on the scalp with fingertips aligned like A.
This is a pleasant thing, so please try it once.


C Press "good spot" for hair loss prevention / hair growth:


Although this may not be "massage", I will introduce myself so that I can feel free to do it at home.
First let's remember the good points on the scalp.


a) Hiakue:
A line drawn from both ears towards the top of the head and a line drawn from the head of the nose to the top of the head intersect. It is an effective "point" where various points are gathered.


b) Tuten:
A place of 1.2 cm from the place of the A. It is a point that "blood circulation improves". How important "hair circulation" is to hair growth is important.


c) kankotu:
A slightly hollowed part behind the ear. When it pushes several times with the thumb it feels like "Feel good!" It is effective in promoting blood circulation.


d) Tenchu:
A dent outside the two thick muscles in the nape. I feel comfortable when pushed here. It is a convenient point that works for symptoms of every head top.


e) Fuuti:
A place left or right from the Tenchu. This is a key point effective for "alopecia areata" and "depilation of the back of the head". Worth trying once!


f) Kangen:
The portion of about three fingers from the navel. Points with utility across the body. It is said that it has an effect on hair loss.


g) jin ketsu:
The middle of the first joint of the little finger on the palm side. Push for a few seconds with your thumb. Hair loss, effective in promoting blood circulation.


h) Gowoku:
The back of the hand, the base intersection of the thumb and index finger. This is also effective for hair loss, blood circulation promotion.


i) Shitumin:
The middle of the heel. Make a fist and grab and push around its index finger. Left and right foot at least several times. Hair loss, effective in promoting blood circulation



* Press for about several seconds.
* Push with a little painful strength. (Do not exceed the degree ...)
* If you can do the same place it is better to continue for a few minutes.
* Do not take a bath right after. (Halved effect)
* It should not be soon after eating. (Let's empty for an hour)
* If sick, pregnant women consult your doctor.
Etc. ...


Here are the recommended courses ...
Rather than do all @ ~ C if possible.
Please try it.