Think of Hair Esthetics (1)



* What do you not think about the recent trendy hair esthetics?
They did not explain in much detail at various company's commercials. And what are the effects and objectives?
So, here I would like to think about them in three parts.


@Make the scalp normal:
This is the work to remove "sebum accumulated in the pores" after all, there is a purpose to normalize metabolism of the scalp.
If sebum is heavy,your hair gets greasy, itchy .
In one CM, if you scoop the scalp with your fingers with both hands, greasy like 'prismatic' comes out like a tower of Babel and the hair grows 'goodbye' along with its pillar of oil I have seen a shocking video.
I thought "This is CG?" apparently real, it is really surprising.


About "fat of pores" there are various opinions and it is controversial.
To my opinion, those who are saying that genetic male pattern alopecia are more likely to progress with pores fat, I opposed to those who say that it is "irrelevant" I think that it is an opinion sticking to type alopecia.
However, even for people with male pattern baldness, "pores fat" should not be good. However, there is a mistake in thinking that if you take even "pores fat" it will cure.


A improve blood circulation and metabolism:


Many waste products are collected in the scalp.
In order to drain them, we will improve blood circulation by massage etc. and activate "hair matrix cells".
"Hair is the place where nutrition reaches at the very end", so we do massage and pushing push so that nutrition is sufficiently distributed


B relax and take anxiety and relieve stress:


When you go to a hair esthetics salon, "Cute girls" will welcome you as "Welcome!" She do not worried like her boyfriend's hair .
Of course it is "business talk" !(^^)!
But unexpectedly this is important. The scalp is susceptible to stress, muscle fatigue again. First of all, to get rid of them, it is a massage, but spiritual relaxation is very important.
This way it improves the scalp environment and helps "penetrate" hair tonic.


Specifically, @ is "shampoo of pores" A "massage of scalp" B is "hospitality and ambience and scalp massage" etc.
Of course it goes without saying that they are equipped with the skills of each esthetics.
In addition, it is doubtful whether we can respond completely to male pattern baldness in the esthetics.
If it is accompanied by that symptom, the "thinning clinic" of dermatology will be good